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FBI heads investigation into Wisconsin shooting

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"Prakash Singh, male, 39 years old.

As a member of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin read the names of those who lost their lives in Sunday’s shooting.

"Ranjit Singh, 49 years old, male.”

Harpreet Singh could not hold back his tears. His uncle, the temple's president, was among those killed.

“Satwant Singh Kaleka, 62 years old, male.”

“He was kind of my mentor, and, you know our lighthouse, which, you know helped me with everything in my life, and helped me stand up on my feet. So you know he was like a father figure," said family member Harpreet Singh.

Singh is among hundreds of Sikhs here trying to make sense of violence in a place meant as a sanctuary.

He says he was initially upset with the police response Sunday because he was unaware of the confusion and danger that delayed emergency responders in reaching the wounded.

“I know the authorities," he said. "They have to take themselves first, because they are thesaviors. They want to save people and they needed to save themselves first.”

“So we have to make sure that that area is secure, and that just like our officer was ambushed, that another officer respond to go in there because someone is yelling for help is not also ambushed. Unfortunately, it may seem like a long time, but that is how we have to operate," said Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards.

Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards told the media that authorities are seeking a motive for the attack. The investigation is focused on the alleged gunman, 40-year-old Wade Michael Page, a US Army veteran.

“We are looking at ties to white supremacy groups of course." FBI Special Agent in Charge Teresa Carlson says her office is treating the investigation as an act of domestic terrorism.

“The definition of domestic terrorism is the use of force or violence for social or political gain, so that’s obviously what we’re looking at," she said.

As the investigation continues, Harpreet Singh says the mass shooting is not his first experience with what he calls a hate crime.

“The next day after September 11[2001], and we were cab drivers, and we had cabs parked in front of our apartments, and they came and that night they slashed tires and they, you know broke the glass and stuff," he said.

Instead of being angry, Singh says the best way to combat hate is to educate the public about Sikhs and what they stand for. He says he hopes this incident helps reach that goal.

Sikh: 锡克教教徒(源于16世纪印度教的教徒, 相信只有一个神)。

sanctuary: 圣所, 圣地(如教堂、庙宇或回教寺院)

savior: 救助者;救星;救世主

slash: 砍(某物)

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