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I love you but I hate you 爱恨交加

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Yes relationships.

It is the true test of how human we really are. How much we can accept in our fellow humans. And really how much we want to accept. If we accept too much does that make us strong. And if we don't accept enough does that make us weak. Or is it the other way around?

All these things are a true test of how much you are capable of loving.

We all are born into this world with one thought - I shall love and be loved.

I am not afraid of love I am afraid of what too much love for the wrong reasons can do. It can make you into a person that you don't know you have become until it is all-wrong.

I love you but I hate you 爱恨交加

Until the day you look in the mirror and the reflection is not yours.

We marry our true love and then as time goes by we tend to lose whom we once were. And if we can't find ourselves during this time of marriage then we become a shell that will eventually crack. And your marriage will soon become a divorce statistic.

Marriage is commitment to the love you have for someone but it should not be the end of your identity. Because if you let it then you will truly Love You But Hate You.

Kahlil Gibran best said it many years ago in The Prophet on Marriage

We need to remember that I will love you but I will not become you. I will not allow us to become one. Love when people are like meet my other half - what? And especially when they throw in the humor meet my better half. It's there way of being all happy and cute. But is it setting yourselves up for a relationship that in time will fail? I guess it all depends on how independent of a person you were prior to becoming one. And will losing your independence really be an issue.

So don't be duped into the relationship tricks. Be yourself and enjoy your partner as himself or herself not as you want them to be. Because you did fall in love with them knowing who they are.



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