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海傍酒店-Episode 7

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Episode 7 – The Conference Begins

Characters: Luke, Naomi, Male voice

[sfx: intermittent noise of drilling in background]

Luke: Hey Naomi – how’s it going?

Naomi: Busy, busy, busy! I’m on my way to the wine bar cellar - getting tonight’s opening drinks event organized. How about you?

Luke: I’ve been rushed off my feet! There have been loads of conference delegates checking in. You hear that drilling going on? The workmen have finally arrived to repair that fire door that didn’t shut. It’s driving me mad!

Naomi: Well, I can see you’re busy – speak to you later!

Luke: Bye! Yes, sir, can I help you?

Male guest: I am here as part of the conference, I believe you have a room booked for me. My name is Mark Black.

Luke: Just one moment sir and I’ll check. [sound of computer typing] Yes, Mr Black we have a reservation in your name – a single room with en-suite bathroom for two nights, is that correct?

Male: Eh yes, how about… would it be possible for me to have a double bed? I am not used to sleeping in a single.

Luke: Let me just check on that, I don’t think it will be a problem. [sound of computer typing] Yes, that is fine, I am just changing the booking. Could I ask you to fill out this form for me, sir?

Male: Certainly, do you have a pen?

Luke: Here you are. And may I have a credit card?

Male: Why do you need my credit card? My company is paying for the room.

Luke: It’s just the hotel policy sir, as the mini-bar expenses are not charged to your company. We won’t deduct any money using your card without your consent. It’s just a precaution which we ask all our guests to comply with.

Male: Oh I see, well, I don’t think I’ll be using the mini-bar – I thought my hotel bill would be covered by my company.

Luke: Yes, your company will be paying for your room and it includes breakfast. There’s also a welcome event this evening at 6 and a dinner tomorrow evening and again a buffet organized on Sunday after the conference itself finishes. Now would you mind letting me have your credit card so I can complete the registration formalities?

Male: Alright then, here it is. And you definitely won’t charge the room to it? – I don’t want any surprises when I get back home.

Luke: I can assure you sir this is only a precautionary measure which is quite standard in most hotels nowadays. Thank you for the card, let me just swipe it…. Okay now I have your card details. On checking out, if you have run up any expenses not covered by your company you can choose to pay by credit card or cash, whichever you prefer. Here is your room card – room 435 on the fourth floor. Breakfast is served between 7.30 and 10.30 in the main restaurant on the first floor. And here is a conference programme. My colleague will show you to your room. Andrej!

Male: Okay thank you.

Luke: Thank you sir, I hope you enjoy your stay with us.

[sound of drilling suddenly stops and instead the sounds of shrieks – the lights go out]

(Background: Argh, what’s going on?)

Luke: what on earth? What’s happened to the electricity? I can’t see a thing!


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