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海傍酒店-Episode 5

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Episode 5 – Another Fire ?

Characters: Luke, Naomi, Jenny, Marina

Luke: Well Naomi, you won’t be the newest recruit for much longer…

Naomi: What’d you mean Luke? Spill the beans…

Luke: I’ve just seen an email from Steve. We’ve won the bid for the conference! We’lll be hosting the whole thing now so it’s all hands on deck. And we’ll be getting loads of new temporary staff to help us out too.

Naomi: Oh that’s wonderful – the more, the merrier I say! And now I won’t be the only one under Roberto’s critical eye anymore!!


Jenny: Marina, I’ve just be in touch with the catering firm whose staff we are going to hire – they asked me if we’re looking for any particular skills or qualities in the temps. Have you any suggestions?

Marina: Oh that’s a good sign – they are not just sending anybody! Hmm, let’s see. Well, no, they don’t have to have any plating skills – all the food will be plated in the kitchen as usual . But they will need comprehensive waitering experience –they have to know what the job entails, they should know basic health and safety requirements, they should have customer care knowledge…ehm…they’ll be working as a team so they have to have teamworking skills…

Jenny: Right…good interpersonal skills then…and good communication skills I imagine.

Marina: yes and they have to be able to work under pressure – they won’t be familiar with our place so they have to get used to it pretty quickly… things can get quite hectic.

Jenny: So flexibility too?

Marina: That’s right. Ehmm.. I think that is it really, apart from the usual requirements for dealing with the public…an approachable manner, personal cleanliness…a neat appearance… that’s about it. And we really must insist on previous experience though, we don’t have time to train people in.

Jenny: Right, I’ll get back to the catering firm and tell them that’s what we are looking for. The ...[sound of fire alarm in the background] What on earth? ….That’s a fire alarm Marina! C’mon we’d better start heading down to the meeting point outside.

Marina: I can’t believe it! Another fire so soon? ..[sound of them exiting] This is a disaster, I hope it’s not the kitchen again… [fade out]

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