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海傍酒店-Episode 1

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Hello and welcome to English for Professionals, brought to you by the British Council.

Episode 1 – Early Days

Characters: Luke, Naomi, Steve, Marina, Woman guest

FX Hotel interior

Luke : Thank you again, sir, and I hope you’ll stay with us again the next time you’re in Brighton.

Man ; Thank you. You’ve been very helpful (leaves)

Luke : Yes, madam? Can I help you?

Woman guest: Good morning ; my name is Campbell, Mrs Ruth Campbell. I have a reservation for two nights?

Luke : Right, Mrs Campbell. Let me see ( keyboard) Ah yes you’ve asked for a quiet single room with direct internet access, yes?

Woman guest : That’s right. Oh and I am hoping to meet some business associates in the hotel tomorrow afternoon. Do you have a conference room available?

Luke : I’ll look into that right away madam, but I shouldn’t think that would be a problem.

Woman guest: Thanks very much

Luke : I’ll just get someone to take your bags to your room madam,. (calls: “Andrej, bags to 308 please!”) ) It’s room 308 on the third floor, madam – a nice quiet room at the back of the hotel. There’s you keycard. (hands over) (Thank you) Could I just take your credit card number, please?

Woman guest : Yes here you are. (Hands it over : Pause)

Luke : That’s all fine.

Woman guest : Good. Thanks very much.

Luke: …I hope you enjoy your stay Madam.

Woman guest: Thank you – Oh, and what time is breakfast served?

Luke: From 7.30 until 10.30 in the main restaurant on the first floor, madam?

(Sounds of her leaving) Woman guest: Thanks

Luke: You’re welcome.

FX Naomi arrives

Luke: Hi Naomi – your shift starting soon?

Naomi: Hi Luke, Yeah, I’ve come in a bit early actually. I’ve still got to try and learn all the menu items before service!

Luke: Don’t worry, it’s only your first week - you’ll soon pick things up!

Naomi: I hope so, Luke. But I have to tell you that I find Roberto really scary! I’m worried I’ll get an order wrong and he’ll start shouting at me…

Luke: Roberto! Nah! He’s a softie – it’s just his Italian nature – all chefs shout a lot – don’t worry –it doesn’t mean…(interrupted)

Steve: (Voice rushed and excited) Luke, have you seen Jenny? Luke: (Calm but curious) Eh, yes Steve I saw her go over to the restaurant about 5 minutes ago, why?

Steve: (brisk tone) Nothing, nothing, you’ll find out soon enough! (leaves)

Luke: Now what was all that about?

Naomi : Don’t ask me. Who’s Jenny?

Luke: Jennifer Wong. She’s the front of house manager.

Naomi: I thought Steve Sciberras was the manager?

Luke: No, Steve is the hotel manager but Jenny is front of house – she looks after the reception area and training and stuff. Hmm…I wonder what’s up –Steve isn’t usually so excitable… Naomi : He must have got some good news!

Luke: Yeah, looks like it! He may have won the lottery!

Naomi: Hmm – I don’t know about that but I think I’ll go over to the restaurant and see what’s happening just in case!

Luke : Ok see you later. (She leaves Phone rings )

Luke: Good afternoon, reception. Luke Williams speaking. Yes we serve super from six o’clock…[fade out]


Back in hotel reception. Marina approaches.

Marina : Hiya Luke. How’s it going?

Luke: Oh hello Marina, fine thanks. How are things with you? How come you are away from the restaurant? Isn’t managing the restaurant a full-time job these days?

Marina:.Oh, everything’s good thanks – and the restaurant can survive for a few minutes without me, I hope! I have come to tell you that Steve has asked all of us to meet up in the restaurant at 5 – can you get someone to cover you for 10 minutes?

Luke: Sure, I guess so. But what’s up? Has Steve got some special news for us?

Marina: Yes, in a way - but I can’t tell you what at the moment.

Luke: Oh come on , that’s not fair – how come all the managers know what’s going on and the rest of us don’t?!

Marina: Well there’s a good reason for that Luke. You just be in the restaurant at 5 and all will be revealed I promise you…(laughs)

Luke :I’ll be there – I don’t want to miss out if there is any money going around…

Marina: What?

Luke: On nothing, I was just chatting with Naomi and wondering if maybe Steve had won the lottery!

Marina: Hmm, he might have I suppose, but that is not why we are meeting, I’m afraid!

Luke: Oh, by the way, how is Naomi getting on? She’s really nice. I really like her.

Marina: Oh she is doing pretty well, I think. She’s such a friendly, helpful girl - and luckily she isn’t as clumsy as the last waitress we had – what was her name…Sarah? I think she only lasted 3 days, and in that time she broke just about everything she handled!

Luke: Well, Roberto can seem a bit intimidating when you first meet him, and it does tend to make people nervous you know. Marina: Yeah, but you know him, his bark is a lot worse than his bite – and he is the best chef we have ever had! Well, I had better get back and make sure he isn’t intimidating Naomi! See you in a bit!

Luke : Cheers. FADE OUT.

FADE UP … Meeting group Steve: Ahem, if I can have your attention please. Thank you, thank you.

People quieting down – shh listen, what’s he saying etc. Steve: Hello everyone, thanks for coming. Now you may be wondering why I have called everyone together. Well, I have got some really great news for us all. This morning I received a very important phone call. And if all goes well, we could be hosting a rather important 3-day conference!


…fade out…


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