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Clinton, Kim meet during surprise trip

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Kim Jong-il, top leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, met with visiting former US President Bill Clinton late yesterday, DPRK's official central television reported, releasing several photos of the meeting.

According to the report, Clinton conveyed a verbal message from President Barack Obama to Kim. But the White House denied that Clinton carried such a message.

The DPRK leader also hosted a welcome dinner for Clinton in the Paekhwawon State Guest House in the evening, which "proceeded in a cordial atmosphere", the TV report said.

Clinton made the surprise visit to try to win the release of two jailed US journalists, a move some Chinese analysts called a milestone in resolving the Korean Peninsula nuclear crisis.

Clinton was greeted in Pyongyang by the DPRK's chief nuclear negotiator Kim Kye-gwan, and a high-ranking parliamentary official. Clinton bowed and smiled as a young girl presented him with flowers.

The unusually warm exchange between the DPRK officials and the ex-leader of a wartime foe comes amid heightened tensions between Washington and Pyongyang.

In recent months, the DPRK has abandoned a disarmament pact, launched a long-range rocket, conducted a nuclear test and test-fired a barrage of ballistic missiles in defiance of UN sanctions.

"As soon as he arrives, he will be entering negotiations with the DPRK for the release of the female journalists," Republic of Korea's (ROK) Yonhap news agency quoted a source as saying.

Liu Jiangyong, a professor on international relations at Tsinghua University, told China Daily that Clinton's visit "reflects Washington's high degree of flexibility. It underscores its willingness to resolve the nuclear crisis through diplomacy."

Yun Duk-min of the Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security in Seoul concurred, saying that there is the possibility of "a dramatic turnaround" by the DPRK that could lead to a "new phase of negotiations".


1. Who visited the Democratic People's Republic of Korea?

2. What is the purpose of this visit?

3. Where did the DPRK leader host a welcome dinner?


1. Former US President Bill Clinton

2. To try to win the release of two jailed US journalists

3. In the Paekhwawon State Guest House

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Clinton, Kim meet during surprise trip

Clinton, Kim meet during surprise tripBrendan joined The China Daily in 2007 as a language polisher in the Language Tips Department, where he writes a regular column for Chinese English Language learners, reads audio news for listeners and anchors the weekly video news in addition to assisting with on location stories. Elsewhere he writes Op’Ed pieces with a China focus that feature in the Daily’s Website opinion section.

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