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National nuclear program chief facing investigation

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The head of China's nuclear power program is under investigation for "grave violations of discipline", the top disciplinary body of the Communist Party of China (CPC) said yesterday.

A statement from the CPC's Central Committee for Discipline Inspection didn't provide details of offenses allegedly committed by Kang Rixin, general manager and also Party boss of the State-owned China National Nuclear Corp (CNNC), but the terminology is usually used to indicate corruption.

It was not clear whether Kang, 56, was suspended from his post. He was elected as a member of CPC's Central Committee for Discipline Inspection in 2002.

Xu Zongheng, the mayor of Shenzhen, one of China's wealthiest cities, was placed under similar investigation for "grave disciplinary offenses" in June and fired for corruption last week.

The Suzhou-based SUFA Technology Industry Co, which is listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange and whose controlling shareholder is CNNC, made an announcement yesterday evening, confirming Kang was under investigation.

The production and business operations of the company were not affected because Kang is not in a management role in the company, according to the announcement.

But Kang remained listed as general manager and Party committee secretary of the corporation on CNNC's website yesterday.

An anonymous staff member from CNNC told China Daily yesterday that the company had not received an official notice about Kang.

The CNNC, which oversees the country's nuclear programs, made a profit of 4.8 billion yuan ($705 million) last year.

He is among several high-ranking public figures caught up recently in disciplinary offense probes.


1. What is the formal phrase being used to charge the top official of the state owned nuclear energy firm?

2. What is the ironic part of the charge as it relates to the official?

3. How much profit did CNNC make last year?


1. "Grave violations of discipline".

2. He was actually elected as a member of CPC's Central Committee for Discipline Inspection in 2002.

3. 4.8 billion yuan.

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National nuclear program chief facing investigation

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