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Pollution takes toll on health in Guangdong

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GUANGZHOU: More than 41 percent of people in the Pearl River Delta have felt sick or uncomfortable this year because of the region's heavy pollution, a recent survey found.

Most suffer from diseases like cough, sore throat and upper respiratory infections, or feel agitated, depressed or can't sleep.

Zhou Hongyu, 62, a Guangzhou housewife, said she usually goes to a park near her home every morning to exercise.

"My cough has been getting worse and worse every year, though I've been taking care of myself."

"But I really don't know if it's because of the worsening air quality or not," she told China Daily.

The survey, conducted by the Guangdong provincial social research and study center early this month, interviewed more than 2,000 residents in nine Pearl River Delta cities.

An official from the center said the province's environment and ecology have been sacrificed to achieve rapid economic growth.

The Pearl River, the second largest in flow capacity in China, has been seriously polluted by industrial discharges along the river.

More than one-fourth of the residents do not dare to drink local tap water.

Air pollution is also a serious concern for residents.

Cities in Guangdong experienced an average of more than 75 hazy days last year, a record high since 1949. Guangzhou experienced more than 110 hazy days last year.

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Pollution takes toll on health in Guangdong

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Pollution takes toll on health in Guangdong

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