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Subway riders undergo checks

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Four months ahead of the World Expo, Shanghai has become the second Chinese city to adopt security checks at subway stations, causing mixed reactions from local commuters.

Beginning yesterday, security staff at 31 Shanghai subway stations, with 60 X-ray scanners, began to check passengers to ensure underground traffic safety.

By the end of March, all subway stations in Shanghai will be equipped with X-ray equipment. The number of inspectors will be raised to 6,000 from 2,000, local government officials said.

Police said passengers who refuse to undergo security checks and cause serious consequences could face detention of five to 10 days for disturbing public order, with a fine of up to 500 yuan.

The tightened security measure is the same as what Beijing did before the 2008 Olympic Games.

Beijing police figures show that from last January to August, about 25,530 dangerous objects were found during subway security checks.

"We search for dangerous articles, including knives, guns, ammunition, explosives, and flammable, radioactive and toxic materials," said a spokesman surnamed Mao, at the Century Avenue station in Shanghai's Pudong district.

A female passenger stopped by Mao said that she recognizes the necessity of the strict security checks.

"Who does not want a safer environment? And checks just take a few seconds," she said.


1. Shanghai is the second city to adopt security checks at subway stations. Which city is the first, and why?

2. When will all subway stations in Shanghai be equipped with X-ray equipment?

3. What happens if a passenger refuses to undergo a security check?

For more audio news, visit our website at language.chinadaily.com.cn. I’m Lee Hannon.


1. Beijing tightened security measures in advance of the 2008 Olympic Games.

2. By the end of March, all subway stations in Shanghai will be equipped with X-ray equipment.

3. Passengers who refuse to undergo security checks could face five to 10 days of detention and a fine of up to 500 yuan.


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Subway riders undergo checks

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Subway riders undergo checks

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