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Hepatitis B tests for jobs set to stop

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The central government is considering a plan to stop testing people for Hepatitis B before they get a job or enroll in school. The Ministry of Health won’t say when the new rule will be in force. The new rule will replace regulations that had been in place since the 1990s demanding Hepatitis B tests.

However, for high-risk occupations, like blood collection center employees, the test will remain as a condition of employment.

More than 100 million people in China are infected with the H-B virus, which is a potentially life-threatening liver infection. The World Health Organization says the virus is only transmitted through blood transfusions, sexual contact or childbirth.

The World Health Organization office in China welcomes the coming change in H-B testing requirements. Health officials say H-B carriers are discriminated against, even though the virus cannot be transmitted in casual contacts at school or on the job.

How much testing for Hepatitis B takes place now? A survey in February found that 84 percent of multinational companies that were polled demanded that job applicants undergo H-B screening. And 44 percent of company representatives said they would not give an H-B carrier a job.


1. How many people in China are infected with the Hepatitis B virus?

2. Can you transmit the Hepatitis B virus through casual contact at school or work?

3. Will blood collection center employees still have to be tested for H-B?


1. More than 100 million.

2. No.

3. Yes, they will.


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Hepatitis B tests for jobs set to stop

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