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DPRK visa rules relaxed for Beijingers

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Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) is being tipped to become Beijing tourists' next hotspot after a loosening of visa rules for Chinese citizens to the neighboring country.

Dong Chang-ri, the representative official with the national travel service of DPRK in Beijing, said yesterday the new move has drawn inquiries from local travel agencies on possibilities of extended travel routes and schedules.

"Several agents have phoned about new trips," said Dong. "With travel visas, Chinese tourists can go on trips to the DPRK on both private tours and package tours."

The National Tourism Administration of China announced Monday the DPRK would become the next travel destination for Chinese citizens, starting April 12.

Until recently, Chinese travelers had to complete their visa procedures at Dandong-based travel agencies near the DPRK border before receiving business visas. As many as 30,000 Chinese residents visit the neighboring country each year, unofficial statistics from travel agencies showed.

However, foreign passport holders in Beijing must still apply for travel visas when visiting DPRK, which means they will be unaffected by the new move, according to Koryo Tours, a Beijing-based, British-run travel agency.

Dong said future trips are likely to range from five-day standard trips to 10-day extended trips. Package tours relate to a group of more than 10 tourists, although one person can also make the tour on their own in a private tour. Travel costs will range from 5,000 yuan for package tours to 10,000 yuan for private alternatives.


1. Which citizens will have relaxed visa rules?

2. What date does it start from?

3. How many Chinese visit the DPRK each year?


1. Chinese.

2. April 12.

3. 30,000.

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DPRK visa rules relaxed for Beijingers

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DPRK visa rules relaxed for Beijingers

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