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Chopin's future is in Chinese hands

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This year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Frederic Chopin (1810-1849). Music lovers around the world are paying tribute to one of the greatest composers of romantic music with hundreds of events organized throughout the year. Beijing Poly Forbidden City Theater Management will run Chopin Cycle, a series of Chopin concerts in 15 concert halls throughout China, from this weekend until November.

"The music and commemoration of Chopin is not limited to just Poland. Here in China, a great many people appreciate and play his music," says Zhu Jing, program director of the Forbidden City Concert Hall.

The 70-year-old Israeli pianist Arie Vardi will kick off Chopin Cycle with recitals at Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall on Friday, Henan Arts Center on Saturday and Beijing's Forbidden City Concert Hall on Sunday evening.

"I love Chopin because he is the most personal composer, but his music leaves every player so much freedom to interpret. Whenever I sit to play the piano I feel it is my world, I am speaking of my own emotions,” Vardi said.

Vardi did not start playing piano professionally until the age of 15, but soon won the Chopin Competition in Warsaw and received international acclaim as one of Israel's foremost pianists. He then performed with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, with Zubin Mehta, and held numerous concerts in Europe and the United States.

Vardi has also been a jury member at many leading international piano competitions and teaches in Tel Aviv and Hanover.

His students include many of today's leading pianists, and among them quite a few are Chinese talents such as Li Yundi and Chen Sa.

Li won first prize while Chen was fourth at the 14th Chopin International Piano Competition in Warsaw in 2000, and both won the Best Polonaise Performance Awards at that competition.

"My most brilliant students are Chinese and I'm proud of it. They have some secrets or some mystery about playing Chopin. They feel Chopin as naturally as though they were born in Poland," Vardi said.


1. What year was Frederic chopin born?

2.What is the chopin cycle?

3. Who will give chopin recitals this weekend in china?


1. 1810.

2. A series of Chopin concerts in 15 concert halls throughout China, from this weekend until November.

3. 70-year-old Israeli pianist Arie Vardi.


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Chopin's future is in Chinese hands

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Chopin's future is in Chinese hands

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