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Resident stays put through frightening eviction battle

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A Yanqing town resident is determined to stay in his half-destroyed home, despite heavy-handed attempts to evict him by dozens of black-suited guards armed with powder fire extinguishers.

Kang Shunqing, of Ziyoujie village, wants the local government to increase its compensation offer.

Dozens of guards appeared at his home on Tuesday, trying to get him to move out.

After a day-long confrontation and with the help of residents and neighbors, the eviction attempts failed.

Kang said he suffered a bleeding finger and an injured leg during the attempt.

However, he managed to stay in the house while the guards began demolishing the building.

Kang's house is now partially destroyed. It has no windows and the roof is severely damaged. But he and his wife have decided to stay.

Since September 2009, about 500 houses in the area have been demolished - believed to be part of a redevelopment plan - but 26 residents, including Kang, have refused to move.

Kang, who has lived there since 1984, believed the compensation offer was "unreasonably low," and the use of powder fire extinguishers as weapons was against the law.

He said his 140-sq-m house has the potential to be expanded to 300 sq m.

"I can build a basement and add a second floor, but the government has only agreed to offer me the compensation of a 165-sq-m house," he said.

Kang has not received further notice from the government but said he would not leave unless he received an acceptable compensation offer.

A witness surnamed Dong said the confrontation lasted from about 8 am to 4 pm. He believed that 54 powder fire extinguishers from a nearby shop were sold out before the demolition.

"The demolition was so uncivilized. You cannot imagine it unless you saw it," he said.

Yanqing town's local government officials said they were not sure about the demolition and referred METRO to the demolition office. But the demolition office could not be reached by phone.


1. Where did the demolition and eviction attempt take place?

2. Why is Kang Shunqing refusing to leave?

3. How many houses have been demolished in the area?


1. Ziyoujie village in Yanqing town.

2. He believes the local government’s compensation offer is too low.

3. Since September 2009, about 500 houses have been demolished.


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Resident stays put through frightening eviction battle

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Resident stays put through frightening eviction battle

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