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At least 38 killed in storms

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Storms killed at least 38 people in the southwestern and central parts of China from Wednesday night to Thursday, local government authorities said.

As of 4 pm on Thursday, 29 people had died in Chongqing alone, local government sources said.

The rains also triggered massive landslides and mudslides, destroying homes.

Economic damage was estimated at more than 120 million yuan ($17.6 million), an official who only gave his surname as Wang told China Daily.

"Some of the affected people stayed at their friends' and relatives' to survive the night," he said.

The disaster also caused severe damage to the county's agriculture, fishery, and animal farming industries, he said.

The number of casualties was expected to rise because authorities are still evaluating the situation. And authorities said many people still are missing.


1. How many people were killed in the storms?

2. How much damage did the storms cause?

3. What else did the rains trigger?


1. At least 38. Authorities still were looking for missing people.

2. One source said the storms caused more than 120 million yuan in damage.

3. Mudslides and landslides


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At least 38 killed in storms

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At least 38 killed in storms

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