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Russian forces storm tanker, free ship from pirate seizure

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Russian special forces were lowered with ropes from a helicopter onto a disabled oil tanker taken over by Somali pirates during a dawn raid on Thursday. The soldiers freed 23 Russian sailors and arrested 10 pirates, the commander of the European Union Naval Force said. One pirate was killed, the Associated Press reported.

The raid against the Liberian-flagged ship Moscow University came 24 hours after the pirates had taken the ship over and the crew locked itself in a safe room. The vessel is carrying 86,000 tons of crude oil worth about $50 million.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Alexei Kuznetsov said the pirates are being held aboard the tanker.

Commander John Harbour, a spokesman for the EU Naval Force, said the EU Naval Force had been working with the Russians on the successful rescue.

The attack occurred about 800 kilometers east of the Somali coast. The ship's route was from the Red Sea to China, the ship's owner said.

The ship is owned by Novoship, a subsidiary of a company owned by the Russian government.


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Russian forces storm tanker, free ship from pirate seizure

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Russian forces storm tanker, free ship from pirate seizure

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