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Karzai plan answered with rocket attack

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Afghan President Hamid Karzai launched an ambitious peace plan on Wednesday that he hopes will persuade Taliban fighters to lay down their arms, but the insurgents demonstrated their disdain by firing a rocket as he addressed a traditional gathering in the capital.

Unpopular at home despite an election victory last year that was mired in controversy, Karzai called a "jirga" of tribal leaders, elders and other notables to forge national consensus for overtures to the Taliban.

But minutes after he began unveiling his plans, a rocket landed in an open field near the giant marquee where the event was being held.

"Sit down, nothing will happen," Karzai told nervous delegates as some stood to leave. "I have become used to this," said Karzai, who has survived at least three assassination attempts. "Everyone is used to this."

No delegates were harmed but at least two attackers were killed in fighting with Afghan security forces near the giant tent, officials said.

The peace jirga, as the centuries-old gathering is known in Pashto, has drawn 1,300 delegates, but noticeably absent will be representatives of the insurgents - although there will be sympathizers.

With the insurgency at its most intense since their US-led overthrow in 2001, the Taliban remain confident they can outlast the latest foreign invasion in Afghanistan's long history of conflict.

Their confidence comes despite a surge in US forces that will push the size of the foreign military to around 150,000, with an offensive planned in coming weeks to tackle the Taliban in their southern heartland of Kandahar.

But following its rapid disengagement from Iraq, the United States is keen, too, to get out of Afghanistan, and President Barack Obama has said he wants to start withdrawing troops in July 2011.

Washington is already stressing an accompanying hearts-and-minds operation that it hopes will see better Afghan security and governance put in place. Corruption and incompetence by some officials have caused open friction with Karzai at times.

As a result, some diplomats and analysts are paying lip service to the jirga's noble aims while doubting its effectiveness.


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Karzai plan answered with rocket attack

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Karzai plan answered with rocket attack

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