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Turning a new page for bookstores

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Boasting a host of well-known luxury brands, as well as a perfect location in central Beijing, China World Mall has everything you might expect a world-class shopping center to have. Yet, for director-general Huang Xingling, there was something missing until Page One opened on April 2.

"The newly opened bookstore will offer shoppers a shopping experience that is more culturally oriented," she said.

The first Page One opened in 1983 in a shopping mall in Singapore and mainly featured art and design books. Since then, the bookstore has branched out to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand.

Its Beijing store occupies an area of 960 square meters and offers more than 150,000 books, 65 percent of which are in English. The average price for an English book is 80 yuan.

"Our target market is educated office workers in the central business district who enjoy English literature," said Liu Gui, general manager of Page One Beijing. "Art and design books are our other highlight."

Page One opened just 18 months after Disanji bookstore in Zhongguancun ceased trading, with losses of 78 million yuan built up over the three years it was in operation.

Deng Xin, who was in charge of logistics for what was once China's largest private bookstore, attributes the bankruptcy to high rents and the fierce competition from online booksellers.

However, Mark Tan, chief executive of Page One, is optimistic about the development of his business in the Chinese capital because of the company's "unique business strategy and quality service."

One of Tan's business philosophies is every detail counts. From the decoration to the layout of the books, every detail in Page One is carefully designed. The decoration reflects traditional Chinese style with flowers inscribed on the edge of every bookshelf, and the lighting is designed for reading.

Page One plans to open another branch near the 798 Art Zone in September.


1. Where is the latest bookstore to open in Beijing?

2. Where did Page One start?

3. What does the bookstore offer?


1. Page One in central Beijing’s China World Mall.

2. The first Page One opened in 1983 in a shopping mall in Singapore.

3. More than 150,000 books, 65 percent of which are in English. The average price for an English book is 80 yuan.


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Turning a new page for bookstores

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Turning a new page for bookstores

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