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Al-Qaida suspects held near Libyan frontier

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Tunisian security forces have arrested two people suspected of being members of al-Qaida near the Libyan border who were carrying an explosives belt and several bombs, a security source told Reuters on Sunday.

The men, thought to be members of al-Qaida in the Islamic Magreb (AQIM), were arrested near Ramada in the south of the country.

The men were carrying Afghan identity papers and were of Libyan and Algerian origin, the source said, adding that they were also connected to two men arrested in Tunisia last week.

Arab and Western officials have said that al-Qaida could be exploiting the Libyan conflict to acquire weapons and smuggle them into other countries.

A senior security official in Algeria said last month there were signs al-Qaida was working to acquire arms to smuggle them to a stronghold in northern Mali.

Tunisian authorities have called on the public to report any suspect activity and warned them not to shelter any foreigners who might threaten national security.

The North African country, which is an important destination for Libyan migrants fleeing the conflict, has tightened security along its border with Libya since the start of the unrest, searching cars and questioning people trying to cross.

The head of Britain's armed forces was quoted on Sunday as urging NATO to widen the scope of its bombings campaign in Libya to increase pressure on its government.

General David Richards told the Sunday Telegraph newspaper in an interview that the alliance should authorize the targeting of infrastructure facilities, not just the military command and control centers that are currently being pounded in airstrikes.


1. How many people were arrested?

2. What does AQIM stand for?

3. Which newspaper did General David Richards give an interview to?


1. Two.

2. Al-Qaida in the Islamic Magreb.

3. Sunday Telegraph.

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Al-Qaida suspects held near Libyan frontier

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Al-Qaida suspects held near Libyan frontier

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