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Five arrested over Mexico casino fire

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Police in northern Mexico have arrested five alleged members of the Zetas drug cartel suspected of setting a casino on fire that killed 52 people, authorities said on Monday.

Nuevo Leon State Governor Rodrigo Medina said police were looking for two other suspects.

The five detained men, aged 18 to 37, confessed to participating in the attack last Thursday at the Casino Royale and of belonging to the Zetas drug cartel, the governor said, and some had been arrested before for kidnapping or extortion.

Police are investigating whether the attack in the city of Monterrey was in retaliation for not paying extortion money.

The attack "was directed at the casino, not at the people", Medina said at a news conference where he also showed a video where two men are seen filling large jugs with gasoline at a gas station near the crime scene.

Jorge Domene, security spokesman for Nuevo Leon state, said late on Monday that he has asked for help from the Mexican government to track down brothers Raul and Jorge Rocha Cantu, who he identified as the casino's owners. Domene said relatives told police that the men were in the US, but he said he didn't know where.

A surveillance tape of last Thursday's fire shows eight or nine men arriving in four cars and carrying canisters into the Casino Royale. In little more than two minutes, the casino is in flames and choking black smoke churns from the building. According to witnesses, the gunmen burst into the casino and shouted for people to get out, saying they were burning the place down.


1. How people were arrested?

2. What cartel did they belong to?

3. How many people died in the casino fire?


1. 5

2. Zetas

3. 52

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Five arrested over Mexico casino fire

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Five arrested over Mexico casino fire

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