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Deputy FM in Syria to urge end to violence

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Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Zhai Jun left for Syria on Thursday night as a special envoy for peace efforts in the Arabian country.

"We condemn all acts of violence against innocent civilians and urge the government and all political factions of Syria to immediately and fully end all violence, and quickly restore stability and the normal social order," he said.

Zhai's two-day visit came hours before a vote by the United Nations General Assembly on a resolution calling for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down. The measure cannot be vetoed in the assembly, but the resolution would be non-binding.

The Chinese government consistently pursues an independent foreign policy of peace and is committed to upholding regional and world peace and stability, Zhai said, adding that China has closely followed the developments of the situation and is deeply worried about the escalating crisis that has caused civilian casualties and affected peace and stability in the region.

China wants to play a constructive role in mediating an end to months of bloodshed, Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said at a news briefing on Thursday.

Zhai will exchange views with the Syrian government and relevant parties including leaders of the opposition and push for a peaceful and proper solution to the crisis.

"We call on the government of Syria to seriously heed the people's legitimate desire for reform and development, and call on the various political factions to express their political aspirations non-violently under the rule of law," Zhai said.

China calls for a referendum on the draft of a new constitution, a parliamentary election at an early date and the establishment of a national unity government, he said.

China understands the concern of Arab countries and the Arab League on seeking a quick solution to the Syrian issue, and values the important role as well as the efforts of Arab countries and the league in seeking a political solution to the issue, Zhai said.

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Deputy FM in Syria to urge end to violence

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Deputy FM in Syria to urge end to violence

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