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Satellite launch 'harmful'

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The Democratic People's Republic of Korea's latest plan to launch a satellite would harm its fragile mutual trust with Washington, while the move is more likely due to domestic political concerns, experts said on Sunday.

Pyongyang's action will harm DPRK-US ties, which were just getting better, said Huang Youfu, director of the Institute of Korean Studies at Minzu University of China.

"It would lead to a new round of sanctions against the country and Pyongyang may be isolated again," said Huang.

The move by the DPRK's new leadership coincides with the 100th anniversary of the birth of its founder Kim Il-sung, Huang said, adding that it ignored the negative reaction from the international community.

Wang Junsheng, an expert on Asian studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, agreed with Huang, saying that the Pyongyang's action was more likely a result of domestic political requirements and would worsen its ties with Washington and the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

The United States would by no means allow itself to be pressured by other countries, and it would surely take measures, but there may not be more sanctions, because the desire for animprovement in ties between the two countries was strong, Wang said.

The launch of the satellite was the legitimate right of the DPRK, said the Korean Central News Agency, reiterating that the launch was for scientific research and economic development.

Pyongyang on Friday announced its plan to launch a satellite for "earth observation" in mid-April, which is being treated as a simulated missile test by the US and its allies.

The US warned the DPRK that the launch might lead to an abrogation of the nutrition assistance project, which was finalized in Beijing on March 8.

According to an agreement reached between Pyongyang and Washington in Beijing last month, the US agreed to provide 240,000 tons of nutrition assistance, and the DPRK in return promised to suspend its nuclear tests and missile launches and allowed checks by international nuclear inspectors.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also expressed "grave concern" over the announcement, callingon Pyongyang not to oppose the international community, and to desist from actions that complicated the resumption of the Six-Party Talks.


1. What does the satellite launch day coincide with?

2. What did the Korean Central News Agency say the launch was for?

3. How many tons of nutrition assistance did the US agree to provide?


1. The 100th Anniversary of the birth of DPRK’s founder, Kim Il-sung.

2. Scientific research and economic development.

3. 240,000 tons.

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Satellite launch 'harmful'

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Satellite launch 'harmful'

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