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Bally pushes ahead with China expansion

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Bally expects its double-digit sales growth in China to continue in the coming years, as the international luxury leather-goods brand plans to open flagship stores in Beijing and Shanghai soon.

It is also upgrading its existing network with 51 stores and seven outlets in 30 cities around the nation.

"Changing needs of consumers dictate that we connect with existing and new customers not only through the product, but that Bally's brand values align with those of sophisticated Chinese consumers," said Reinhard Mieck, CEO of both Bally Switzerland and Labelux Group.

He said the Chinese market ranks as one of the most significant in Bally's global business, and over the past few years, Bally has seen annual growth in high double digits in emerging markets.

The 161-year-old Bally began in Switzerland and has had a presence in China for 25 years.

Multinational market research firms identified the main driving force of growth in China as urbanization. They estimated that the urban population of the nation will increase to 72 percent by 2025 from 42 percent in 2010, resulting in rising wages and the development of more mega-cities.

Chinese consumers make up about 12 percent of global luxury spending and about 30 percent of global market growth. The Chinese mainland luxury market has increased at a compound annual growth rate of 34 percent since 2004, and is now more than twice the size of Russia's $5.73 billion and the Middle East's $5.1 billion.

International luxury brands are competing to open stores and expand their footholds in China, given the market potential and economic slowdown in developed markets, such as Europe and the United States.

During the first seven months of this year, 13 global top premium fashion brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel, opened or announced plans to open 56 stores, including 11 flagship stores, in 18 cities on the Chinese mainland, according to the luxury-goods and service research center affiliated with the University of International Business and Economics.


1. What brand is expecting continued growth in China?

2. What do they make?

3. What is planned for the company?


1. Bally.

2. Bally is an international luxury leather-goods brand.

3. Bally plans to open flagship stores in Beijing and Shanghai soon.

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Bally pushes ahead with China expansion

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Bally pushes ahead with China expansion

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