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Beijing to become more 'involved' on world stage

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China will adopt a more proactive policy to engage in international affairs and be a responsible nation that promotes peace and stability by enhancing cooperation and bringing benefits to its neighbors and other nations.

Those were the comments of experts and scholars on China's foreign policy direction after the conclusion of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

"China will be more prepared and involved in dealing with international systems and institutions and push the development toward a fair and just direction," said Zhang Yuyan, director of the Institute of Word Economy and Politics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He was speaking at a forum on the transformation of China's foreign policy organized by Tsinghua University in Beijing on Sunday.

As the world's situation is complex and volatile, it offers more opportunities for China to be involved in many areas of international cooperation, and China will be more willing to engage, according to Zhang.

Lu Shiwei, a senior researcher at Tsinghua University's Institute of Modern International Relations, said President Hu Jintao's report at the congress clearly mapped out the path the country’s foreign diplomacy will take. China will continue to present itself as a responsible nation but it will be more active, according to Lu.

"China will also be more focused on projecting soft power as mentioned in the report," he added.

China's long-held independent foreign policy will not be at odds with its aim to be more involved in international affairs and create beneficial cooperation, according to Lu.

Both the opportunities and challenges for China in the next decade will be unprecedented, according to experts. The country needs to stress the importance of cooperation with both developed economies and its neighboring countries.

Yuan Peng, an expert on American studies with the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, has a "cautious optimism" about the Sino-US relationship, one of the most important bilateral relationships for China, as the two countries have stepped-up cooperation on nearly all aspects of their relationship.

There will be at least one positive aspect for the bilateral ties after the leadership transition -the new leaders will not need much time to get to know each other.

Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, is already a familiar name to politicians and the public in the United States, due to his successful visit to the US in February. US President Barack Obama was recently re-elected to a second term.

"But the two countries should avoid and learn how to deal with, the 'third party element' that usually hinders bilateral ties," Yuan added, as he commented on the territorial disputes between China and some of its neighbors, which have a negative affect on bilateral ties between China and the US.

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Beijing to become more 'involved' on world stage

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Beijing to become more 'involved' on world stage

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