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China urges calm on DPRK

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China on Monday dismissed a media report stating that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea had informed Beijing of plans to carry out more nuclear tests.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman warned against any actions that could worsen the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

Diplomacy is ongoing amid tensions on the peninsula. Japan will send a veteran diplomat to China for three days from Tuesday, according to Japan's Kyodo News Agency.

Observers said averting a looming crisis requires a restrained approach, and more attention should be paid to diplomacy.

Spokesman Hong Lei said he "did not know where the Reuters report came from" when asked to confirm the report on Friday.

The story said the DPRK had told China that it is prepared to carry out one or even two more nuclear tests, or another rocket launch this year.

The current situation of the peninsula is "sensitive and complicated", and China calls on relevant parties to exercise calm, Hong said.

Yu Meihua, director of the Center for Korean Peninsula Peace Studies under the China Reform Forum, said relevant parties should "remain cautious" with their rhetoric and actions to avoid further escalation.

The DPRK conducted its third nuclear test on Feb 12 despite strong opposition from the international community. Hong on Monday reiterated that China opposes the test.

The participants of the Six-Party Talks, including China, the Republic of Korea, the United States, Russia and Japan, should lobby the DPRK to return to talks first, Yu Meihua said.

China holds that the UN Security Council's relevant discussions should be conducive to the realization of denuclearization, non-proliferation and peace and stability on the peninsula, Hong said. The spokesman added that China is ready to maintain contacts with all relevant parties.

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China urges calm on DPRK

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China urges calm on DPRK

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