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National English-speaking contest up and running

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The 19th "21st Century - Coca-Cola Cup" National Speaking Competition, co-sponsored by China Daily and Coca-Cola China, began on Wednesday at China Daily's headquarters in Beijing.

The launch ceremony also marked the official start of the 12th "21st Century -Lenovo Cup" National Middle School and Primary School English Speaking Competition.

Guo Weimin, director of the Press Bureau of the State Council Information Office, acknowledged the competition's contribution to China's English education.

Specifically, he noted how the event has boosted cross-cultural communication among young people in China over the years.

"With the popularity of competitions designed for middle schools and primary schools gaining momentum, a new generation of Chinese young people is entering the international arena," Guo said at the launch ceremony.

Bai Changbo, vice-president of Coca-Cola China, said: "Talent forged in these competitions with unique perspectives on international exchanges is becoming a bridge spanning Eastern and Western cultures."

Bai announced the establishment of the "Coca-Cola ambassador of cultural communication" special award. Winners will be sent to the company's headquarters in Atlanta, and will also receive internship opportunities.

Bai Yuli, vice-president of leading Chinese IT company Lenovo, pledged to support the competition with the group's latest technological innovations and to set up a "Lenovo Innovation Award".

"We encourage all participants to compete with innovation and creativity," Bai said.

The 21st Century Cup National English Speaking Competition, founded in 1996, is the only speaking contest in China affiliated with the annual International English Speaking Competition in London. It is open to students from primary school to university.

Topics for different groups of contestants were also released at Tuesday's ceremony. Participants from universities and colleges across the country will respond to the topic "University as I see it", while high school students will discuss their insights on the "Dream in my heart". For junior high school contestants, the topic is "Growing pains," and primary school participants will be asked to share stories related to "A special gift".

The panel of judges will include experts from top universities and institutions as well as the ministries of education and foreign affairs.


1. According to Guo Weimin, what has the competition boosted?

2. What will the winners of the competition receive?

3. When was the competition founded?


1. Cross-cultural communication among young people in China.

2. Winners will be sent to the company's headquarters in Atlanta, and will also receive internship opportunities.

3. 1996.

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National English-speaking contest up and running

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National English-speaking contest up and running

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