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Yao, NBA to open training school for teens

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China's tallest entrepreneur, basketball club owner and political adviser has added another hat, as the operator of a training facility to encourage youth sports participation.

To improve the fitness level and social ability of Chinese students, Yao Ming, the former NBA All-Star, announced on Tuesday that he will team with the NBA to open an extra curricular basketball training facility under his name, the NBA Yao School, for more Chinese teenagers to experience the joy of playing sports and staying healthy.

"The current poor fitness status of Chinese students and some regular schools' over emphasis on academic performance really worried me," Yao said before the tip-off of the preseason game between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers at the MasterCard Center in Beijing on Tuesday.

"I hope the school will provide another after-school option for children while reminding society of great values like teamwork, discipline and confidence, that can't be taught from textbooks but from playing sports."

Yao's concern was highlighted by the tough reality of student health and a series of student deaths during sporting events this year.

According to the results of the 2013 national physical condition survey released in August, the general fitness level of Chinese teenagers has been declining since 1995 and conditions such as obesity and myopia are increasing among primary and secondary school students.

Although boasting more than 300 million fans in China, the NBA has learned from Yao it has much more to do in schools.

Adam Silver, NBA deputy commissioner, said Yao "knows well that the entire focus (of China's sports development) is winning gold medals and championships and there are not enough activities here around the joy of the sport and all the benefits. This will be something for us to develop in the after-school programs".

The new school will start to recruit students under the age of 16 from Dec 1 and will open its first three-month training program at the Wukesong Basketball Park in February. Yao will be responsible for developing and operating the school.


1. Who is teaming with the NBA to open an extracurricular basketball training facility?

2. How many fans does the NBA have in China?

3. When will student recruiting start?


1. Yao Ming.

2. More than 300 million.

3. Dec 1.

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Yao, NBA to open training school for teens

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Yao, NBA to open training school for teens

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