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Lawmakers in move to tackle espionage threat

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Chinese lawmakers are considering renaming the National Security Law, which may be amended with more provisions to combat espionage.

A bill submitted for a first reading at the bi-monthly session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress suggests changing the name to the Counterespionage Law.

Explaining the bill to lawmakers, Geng Huichang, minister of national security, said that China's counterespionage agencies face new circumstances and challenges and need strong support from legislation.

The current law mainly regulates the work of the country's national security agencies, whose major duty is counterespionage work.

The bill introduces new regulations for this work, which has been effective in practice but has not been written into the current law.

Under the bill's proposals, foreign organizations and individuals conducting espionage activities, or who instigate and sponsor others to do so, will be punished, as will domestic organizations and individuals who spy on the country for foreign organizations and individuals.

The bill will give national security agencies the authority to ask an organization or individual to stop or change activities that are considered harmful to national security. If they refuse or fail to do so, the agencies will be entitled to seal or seize related property.

The National Security Law has not been revised since it took effect in 1993.


1. China’s lawmakers are considering renaming which law?

2. What new name is being considered?

3. When was the National Security Law last revised?


1. The National Security Law.

2. The Counterespionage Law

3. 1993.

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Lawmakers in move to tackle espionage threat

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Lawmakers in move to tackle espionage threat

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