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Seven years itch

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From 21-28, "me, myself and I" become stronger influences as we seek careers and life experiences. We grab backpacks and roam the world looking for excitement, new friends and adventure. Girlfriends, boyfriends and "true" love come and go.

Turning 28 is a big occasion, and it is a time to really "grow up" and fit in with the rest of the world. It was a rocky time for me. I was a serious partyboy and every week blew my paycheck on wine, women and song. As I saw my friends marry, buy houses, have children and settle down, it suddenly dawned on me to step up.

After making a few lifestyle adjustments, I developed a wonderful focus and could see opportunities like never before. Money started to flow and life became easier. I was very creative but I did become more judgemental.

My last cycle (35-42) was a time of getting things done and my bank account soared. But life became too routine and boring. Political systems, religions and philosophies became tired and stale and at age 39 I packed my bags and moved to China.

The 49-56 year period is when we do a stock take reviewing our life purpose. Experts say depression and moodiness will haunt us if we haven't worked ourselves out.

The 56-63 is my favorite. Inner tranquility and acceptance becomes the norm and the next seven years even gets better. We have deeper acceptance and understanding of the people in our life.

Our cycles are just natural progressions and I believe the older I become, the more insightful and happier I get. Attitudes, relationships, and careers evolve and improve.

Today, I'm also realizing that people are more important than ever. I don't want to waste my time in the company of angry types and I can better identify such people. In my younger years I was blind to such goings on because I was mostly angry.

I believed conflict was king and needed to be always excited. I thought it was fun but I confused excitement with happiness. Happiness. That's the main point of life, isn't it?

In my late 20s, my question was: "World, what can you give me?" Now I'm beginning to ask: "World, what can I give you?"

My Chinese friends say traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) also believes in seven-year cycles, but these were for women. Under TCM guidelines, men operate under an eight-year cycle. Close enough, I reckon.

Star Trek fans also know about seven-year cycles. Mr Spock and his pointy eared, emotionless Vulcan friends begin their mating ritual to let off that pent up emotion.

Those Star Trek folks are a bit like us expats, no matter what seven-year cycle of life we are experiencing. They always live in alien environments and struggle with different cultures. Oh how I wish I had their high-tech tools so I could instantly transport myself out of Middle Kingdom confusion.

Beam me up Scotty.

E-mail: patwhiteley@yahoo.com


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