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Seven years itch

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Seven years itchEvery seven years I believe we all undergo great emotional, physical and mental changes, which encourages us to sweep away the clutter of the past and move onward and upward.

The seven-year cycle theory has meaning for every expat at every stage of their life.

I celebrated my 42nd birthday recently and I can feel the next seven-year cycle grab hold. According to the experts, the 42-49 year period involves digesting all my life experiences, developing new ideals and setting a new direction.

My desire to make my mark in life becomes more important so maybe that's why I have a burning desire to become a world-class whistling champion.

The seven-year cycle was the premise of a marvelous English-made documentary series, which followed the lives of 14 people every seven years.

The 7 Up series began in 1964 and an update is scheduled for 2011. The changes in the subjects were very pronounced.

Seven years itch

Our first seven years are very important. Whatever we are told, we believe. Right or wrong, this information can linger for life. The Jesuit priests from the Catholic Church had a motto: "Show me the boy at 7 years old and I will show you the man."

From 7 to 14, we become very acquainted with our three best friends: "Me, myself and I." Imagination runs wild and we develop a better definition of self.

From 14 to 21 those puberty blues kick in and we run toward the springboard to independence. "You're not the boss of me I know," we say. Music becomes important as our senses come alive and hormones run riot. We really need focus.

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