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Give me a dog any day over a cat

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Give me a dog any day over a catAre you a cat person or a dog person? This question always sparks fierce debate among one-eyed pet owners.

"Dogs!" barked Usha, the proud owner of 2-year-old white Samoyed, by the name of Sammy. Like all proud pet owners, Indian-born Usha had colorful pictures at hand.

Sammy is a cute, fluffy looking creature with a wolf-like face and white coat of fur that would camouflage it perfectly in its snow-covered habitat of Siberia. These little huskies were bred to herd reindeer, pull sleds and keep their owners warm at night by sleeping on top of them.

Sammy isn't wasting his natural abilities and can pull Usha's son around the streets of Beijing on his bicycle. This little husky is also multi-lingual and can understand the "sit down" command in English, Chinese zuo xia and Hindi baith ja.

Smart behavior like this explains why dogs are a man's best friend. But according to my extensive 30-second website search, dogs run second behind those preening pussies.

More people in the world own cats than dogs says the websites, so it must be true. And in China, a cool cat is much easier for an expat to keep then a dashing dog.

Give me a dog any day over a cat

My boss's wife is one of these cat lovers and admits she is totally controlled by the little feline by the name of Latte (as in coffee).

Recently her husband was sent away from Beijing on business in Shanghai for nearly 3 weeks. Did she visit him?

"I just can't leave my little Latte home alone," she cried.

We all suspected that cats have a certain power over their owners but now this is a scientific fact.

New research from the UK shows that cats use a "human baby cry" to manipulate their owner. But the boss's wife, Wu Yang, like all cat lovers, doesn't care. Even when confronted with evidence that scientifically proves Latte controls her, Wu Yang agreed. "I love my cat and that's that," she said.

I understand cats are low-maintenance, smell better than dogs, have a softer nature and generally look better.

But they are too selfish.

Does a cat frolic with a Frisbee in the park, or dash across the sand in an insane race for a stick? Does a cat fetch a tennis ball, run back to you, not give it back and then stand there chewing the ball to pieces? Does a cat jump up and lick your face silly and then start humping your leg? And if cats are so smart, why can't they heel? Do you know any cat that has rushed into a burning house and dragged its owner to safety? A cat would be the first living thing to flee.

Cats are selfish and don't want to hangout unless there is something in it for them. They are snobs, strolling around like they are still king of the jungle.

I suppose cats are like too many people I know.

E-mail: patwhiteley@yahoo.com


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