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Language of the financial crisis

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Ok readers for quite some time now we’ve been hearing about the global financial crisis and for something different this week I thought I’d give you a quick test just to check and see how much you have paid attention in recent times.

There is some hope that the worst is now with many share markets picking up over recent months though skeptics still remain and fear it may be several years until the world economy really gets back to pre-2007 levels of growth.

So let’s begin – (nb in some cases there is more than one correct answer)

#1 What do we call the phenomenon when a market starts to expand to a size that it threatens to crash? (1 word)

#2 What is the phrase that has been used to describe the situation where banks have little money or desire to lend money to customers (2 words)

#3 In the last few months many governments around the world sought to put extra money into their economies and lending institutions to try and prevent a collapse of finance and a collapse of certain companies. In some cases they even bought companies and banks. This was referred to as a (2 words)

#4 For several years US banks in particular were lending money to customers to purchase homes that in many cases they couldn’t really afford. Such loans for housing were called? (3 words)

#5 Recently to determine whether or not many of their banks were stable financially the US Treasury undertook extensive examinations that were referred to as (2 words)

#6 What is the term used to describe the organization or department that monitors and checks whether business is conducted properly? (First letter begins with r……..)

#7 What do we call when two companies combine to work together on a product or service to form a new entity? (two words)

#8 When the market is considered healthy and investors are eager to invest and put their money into companies it is referred to as a (two words)

Ok readers, that’s enough for now. I’ll put the answers up in a day or so. If you are interested in business my favorite sites to visit are the Wall St Journal @www.wsj.com

The Financial Times @www.ft.comand China’s up and coming Caijing Magazine @http://english.caijing.com.cn/



About the author:

Language of the financial crisis

About the author: Brendan has taught at universities, high schools and primary schools in Japan,the UK, Australia and China. He is a Qualified Education Agent Counsellor and has extensive experience with International English Language Examinations. In the field of writing Brendan has been published in The Bangkok Post, The Taipei Times, Inflight magazines and the Asia News Network. He can be contacted at brendanjohnworrell@hotmail.com.



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