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UAE Company Creates Compression Suits for Camels

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If high quality sportswear can improve performance in human athletes, then it technically should work for animals as well.



Testing this theory is UAE-based camel and horse luxury products company Al Shibla. They recently launched a line of lycra-style outfits for camels, and they claim that the bizarre product has already garnered tremendous interest among stable owners in the Middle East.

阿拉伯联合酋长国一家生产马和骆驼奢侈用品的公司Al Shibla近日将这种想法付诸实际,推出了一款为骆驼量身定做的莱卡布(强力弹性纤维)衣服,公司称这种新奇产品在中东已经吸引不少骆驼场主的极大兴趣。


Made of soft, thick material that covers the body, the suits improve blood circulation by slightly constricting blood vessels. Worn before and after training, it increases blood and oxygen supply to the muscles, reducing the lactic acid build-up that causes cramping. The animal is covered entirely, except for the head and neck.



Designed for use before and after races, the special leotards are meant to serve a dual purpose. “The full body suit can help racing camels run faster, while the cream of the species entered into camel beauty contests will have the ability to stand taller after using the suit,” the company wrote in their sales pitch.



The suits can also be used during transportation, when camels tend to lose a lot of weight due to stress hormones working overtime.



“We can compare it with the compression socks we get in the hospital. It activates the blood circulation in the muscle,” Wolter added. “If there’s a health problem, people usually just call the vet and ask for an injection, but there are physiotherapy treatments, and the compression suit is a physiotherapy treatment.”



The company launched the full body compression suit at the Al Dhafra Camel Festival in December, after months of designing the product to perfection. It was especially difficult to make a suit for camels, because unlike horses, they rest on folded knees with their breasts rubbing against the ground. So they had to use extra thick durable material for those parts. The suits aren’t ready-made, but will be tailored to fit each individual animal.



The suits are quite expensive at Dhs 3,500 (almost $1,000) apiece, but Wolter says they are worth the price. “If you ship a camel from the UAE to Saudi or Qatar, it can lose 15kg to 30kg because of stress,” she explained. “Our research and testing has shown that we can get that down to about 7.5kg to 10kg by wearing our outfits. In addition to that, the outfit is like a thrombosis sock. It squeezes the muscle and ensures circulation.”




lycra: 莱卡

lactic acid: 乳酸

physiotherapy: 物理疗法

compression suit: 紧身衣

ready-made: 现成的

thrombosis: 血栓症


(译者:佳木China 编辑:祝兴媛)