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Sour puss 酸猫?

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Sour puss 酸猫?Be a sunny person! don't be a sour puss. 这里sour puss是什么意思?可不可以翻成 与郁郁寡欢的人?

My comments:

Here, puss is slang (British) for face. Sour puss then means sour face, a facial expression that is sour – grouchy, scowling and habitually gloomy and unhappy.

This expression, I recall, appears in many instances in the award winning novel, Angela’s Ashes, by the late Irish American writer Frank McCourt.

One example from the book:

Grandma says to Mam, Your brother Pat, bad leg an’ all, was selling papers all over Limerick by the time he was eight and that Frank of yours is big and ugly enough to work.

But he’s only nine and still in school.

School. ’Tis school that has him the way he is talkin’ back an’ goin’ around with the sour puss an’ the odd manner like his father.

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