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Wearing glasses

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Nowadays, lots of people need glasses or contact lenses[1]. This story gives you some vocabulary, plus ways to compliment someone (they suit you) and typical questions to ask (are you nearsighted or are you farsighted?).[2]

By the way, English is strange. If you’re nearsighted, like many younger people, you can see to read but not far away. If you’re farsighted, you need reading glasses! If you have 2.0/2.0 vision[3], it’s perfect.

How about you? Do you prefer glasses or contacts? Or, do you want laser eye surgery[4]?

A: Hey, nice glasses! Are they new?

B: Yes, I just got them last week.

A: Nice! I like the frames[5]. They really suit you.

B: Thanks. They’re very light. I really like wearing them.

A: Where did you get them?

B: I went to Charlie’s Opticians[6]. They have a good selection of designer frames and they’re cheap.

A: The lenses are a little dark. Are they tinted[7]?

B: They have a coating[8] that get dark in the sun and gets light indoors. That way, I don’t need shades[9]. My eyes are sensitive to light.

A: Having glasses like that is very convenient.

B: Yes, and I save money, too. Prescription[10] sunglasses are expensive.

A: Are you nearsighted or farsighted?

B: Both. These are bifocals[11]. I’m getting on a bit. Getting old is hard.

A: You’re still young. Can you still see without your glasses?

B: No, I’m blind as a bat without them. I can’t do without them.

A: Have you thought of getting contacts or laser eye surgery?

B: No, I’m too lazy to use contacts. You have to clean them. And, I’m leery of getting surgery. Who knows what will happen?

A: I have a friend who had her eyes done. She’s glad she did. She says getting surgery made a world of difference. Not wearing glasses makes her feel free.

B: Just the same, wearing glasses isn’t so bad. I think I’ll stick with glasses. How about you? Do you have 2.0/2.0 vision?

A: No, I use contacts. They’re disposable, so I don’t need to worry about cleaning them. We both have bad vision. We must be good students!

B: No, our problem is using the computer too much!


1. contact lenses: 隐形眼镜。

2. compliment: 称赞,赞美;nearsighted: 近视的;farsighted: 远视的。

3. 20/20 vision: 双眼都是2.0的视力。

4. laser eye surgery: 治疗眼睛视力的激光手术。

5. frames: 眼镜框。

6. optician: 配制眼镜技师,眼镜商。

7. tinted: 着色的。

8. coating: 涂层,覆盖层。

9. shade: [~s]〈口〉太阳眼镜,墨镜。

10. prescription: (眼镜等)根据验光单磨制的。

11. bifocals: 双光眼镜,即双焦点眼镜,双焦距眼镜,是一种远视、近视两用眼镜。

1. suit sb. a. No, I’ll keep my first choice, not change

2. designer ones b. feel nervous about trying. Hesitate

3. sensitive c. to make someone look attractive: e.g.

The glasses and you are good together.

4. convenient d. Anyway, that doesn’t change my idea

5. get on e. easy to feel (feel pain etc.)

6. blind as a bat f. I really can’t see without glasses

7. can’t do without g. get/pay someone to do for you

8. be leery of h. clothes etc. made by a famous person

9. have sth. done i. getting older! (such as over 40)

10. just the same j. makes my life easier, saves time

11. stick with k. use once, then throw out (don’t keep)

12. disposable l. I need this. If I don’t have, I can’t do.

Answers: 1–c, 2–h, 3–e, 4–j, 5–i, 6–f, 7–l, 8–b, 9–g, 10–d, 11–a, 12–k


1. 本期会话教你如何在一句话的开头使用动名词作名词,如:Getting old is hard. 这句话中,动词是is,那么主语则是getting old,在这里,你不能使用动词get old。不过,也可以使用动词不定式to get old,但这种结构不是很常用,如:Swimming is healthy. / To swim is healthy. 但请注意,有时,一个动词也可作名词,如work,sleep,这时,你就无需在其后面加-ing了,如:Sleep is coming! 另外,rain和snow都是既当名词又作动词,也不要用-ing,如:Rain makes me sad.

2. 如果你感到紧张、迟疑或是有些恐惧、害怕的话,可以用“be leery of + 名词 / 动词+ing形式”来表达。如:I’m leery of big dogs (I avoid them);I’m leery of changing jobs (I hesitate to do it, but I might).

3. 如果要说衣服的颜色或某种发型很适合你,这时可以用suit you来表达,即It looks good on you. 也可以说一份工作很适合你,如:She’s friendly, working in sales suits her. 如果对一个人或一种情况来说,某件物品或某种事物是合适的,那就表明它是与之相称的或适合的,如:A coffee cup is a suitable present for a teacher, underwear is not!