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Everyday Talk: Job

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By Sophie Mach 尘然 注


What's the problem with her?

Susan was recently promoted, but she doesn’t seem happy. Her colleagues Mary and Jim are kind of curious....

Mary: Did you see Susan today?

Jim: Yes. But why does she have such a long face?

Mary: I don’t have the foggiest idea.

Jim: I thought she’d be happy.

Mary: Yeah, especially since she got a promotion recently.

Jim: Maybe it’s some kind of personal problem.

I’m thinking to quit!

Sophie is thinking of whether or not she should quit and look for another job somewhere else because she hasn’t gotten a raise in three years....

Edison: What are the chances of getting a raise this year?

Sophie: Chances are slim!

Edison: Wow! You haven’t gotten a raise for how many years now?

Sophie: (Heave a sigh). It’s been three years! The company keeps losing money and they can’t afford to give anyone a raise.

Edison: That’s too bad. Did you ever think of working somewhere else?

Sophie: Yeah. In fact, I have an interview next Monday.

Edison: Good luck!

I’m nervous about the interview.

Ken is going to have a job interview the next day. His friend Lucy is trying to give him some advice.

Lucy: So, how was your interview?

Ken: I haven’t gone to the interview yet. It’s tomorrow. I’m so nervous.

Lucy: Don’t worry. You should do fine. You have the experience.

Ken: I hope so.

Lucy: Remember, they want someone who works well with people. You’ve got to show them how easy-going and personable you are!

Ken: Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.

I believe I have a good chance.

Ben is applying for a new job and is very confident about himself.

Janice: Hi, Ben. I heard you’re looking for a new job.

Ben: Yeah. I just had an interview yesterday.

Janice: Oh. How did it go?

Ben: I think I did well. They said they would make a decision by this Friday.

Janice: This Friday? Looks like they want to hire the person as quickly as possible.

Ben: Yeah! I think so, too.

Janice: What are your chances of getting that job?

Ben: I believe I have a very good chance. The director seems to like me.

Janice: Well, good luck, then.

Ben: Thanks. I hope it helps.

confident 有信心的,有把握的

easy-going 随和的,好相处的

foggy 迷惑的,困惑的

get a raise 提升

heave a sigh 舒了一口气,叹气

long face 愁容满面,愁眉苦脸

personable 有风度的,人品好的

promote 升职

slim 微小的,渺茫的

Useful Key Vocabulary

Please fill in each blank with the correct form of a word or phrase given below:

slim easy-going foggy personable promote

1. He was _____ general-manager yesterday.

2. None of us had the _____ idea about how to put the tent up.

3. There is a ____ chance someone may have survived.

4. Her ____ nature made her popular.

5. He is a ____ young man.


1. promoted

2. foggiest

3. slim

4. easy-going

5. personable