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提到简•奥尔德里奇,就不能不说她的博客“鞋的海洋”(sea of shoes)。2007年,对时装有着高度敏感性和鉴赏力的简开设了这个博客,并在博客中记录着自己的穿衣灵感和搭配,她对高跟鞋有着超乎常人的敏锐触觉,堪称最年轻的“资深高跟鞋收藏家”。2009年,幸运的她还获邀参加了有“公主聚会”之称的巴黎名门千金成人舞会。


李殊 选 尘然 注 

Jane Aldridge hoped to get a few readers when she started a style blog at 15. Today, that sounds impossibly modest[1].

Aldridge, now 18, gets about 70,000 hits[2] a day at her blog “Sea of Shoes”. She’s been featured in magazines like Vanity Fair and Teen Vogue and has designed shoes for Urban Outfitters.[3]

“I didn’t realize at the time that I started my blog that blogs would ever become what they are now,” she said.

With a love of designer vintage, Aldridge said she started her blog as an outlet for a fixation on fashion that wasn’t shared by her peers in Trophy Club, a small town about 30 miles northwest of Dallas nestled among the city’s sprawling suburbs.[4]

“Living out here I was kind of isolated in my love of fashion,” she said.[5]

Her blog is mostly pictures of herself in her home or wooded areas nearby posing in outfits she’s put together—from modeling a pair of knee-high black leather Balenciaga boots to a frothy peach Comme des Garcons skirt paired with a gray cropped sweatshirt from Zara.[6] She said that she finds inspiration in being far away from a fashion hub like New York City: “It sort of inspires you to create your own little world,” she said.[7]

Being home-schooled for her senior year, Aldridge works on photo shoots for the blog about four days a week for several hours each day, she said.[8]

She said she’s happy with a life focused on her blog and the opportunities that brings, including attending Paris’ Crillon Ball dressed in Chanel.[9]

“I’m not sure that a normal life would be for me,” Aldridge said.


1. modest: 要求不过分的,适度的。

2. hit: 点击量。

3. feature: v. (书刊)特载,特写;Vanity Fair:《名利场》,美国时尚杂志名;Teen Vogue: 美国青少年时尚杂志名;Urban Outfitters: 美国著名零售商。

4. vintage: 收藏,收获;outlet: (感情、精力等的)发泄途径(或方法);fixation: 固恋,固着的偏爱;peer: 同行,同等身份;Trophy Club: 美国德克萨斯州一地名;nestle: 坐落于……之间;sprawling: 蔓延的,扩张的;suburb: 郊区。

5. isolated: (被)孤立的,隔离的。

6. posing: 造型;outfit: 服装;knee-high: 高到膝的;Balenciaga: 巴黎世家,西班牙服装品牌;frothy: 泡沫的;Comme des Garcons: 日本潮流服装品牌川久保玲;cropped: 裁剪不正的;sweatshirt: 运动衫;Zara: 西班牙服装及其服装连锁零售品牌。

7. inspiration: 灵感,下文的inspire是其动词形式,意为“启迪,赋予某人灵感”;hub: 中心。

8. home-schooled: 接受家庭教育的;senior: 高中;shoot: 拍摄,摄影。

9. Paris' Crillon Ball: 巴黎名门千金成人舞会;Chanel: 法国著名品牌香奈尔。