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By Sophie Zhang

郭小华 译

This weekend I watched Disney’s most recent animated film, Wreck-It Ralph featuring the voice talents of John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, and Jane Lynch. The plot is easy to follow but riveting nonetheless: Wreck-It Ralph, the “bad guy” in the arcade game “Fix-It Felix”, longs to be a hero and for everyone to love him. In his effort to win a hero’s medal, he flies from video game to video game in the quest to become the lovable good guy.

The story is essentially our modern day’s Toy Story. Much like the toys that come to life once no humans are present, the video game characters take on their own individual personalities after the arcade closes and the employees leave for the night. Ralph, one day fed up with his life sleeping in the garbage while the heroic Fix-it Felix parties in his grand penthouse, leaves his game to the militaristic “Hero’s Duty” where he only runs into more troubles.

I highly recommend this movie to kids and adults of all ages. Adults will love the old, traditional video games like “Pac-Man” and “Sonic” from the 1980s, while the children will be enthralled by the bright, colorful worlds designed especially for the movie. Original music from 1980s bands as well as modern day artists such as Skrillex (who has an animated cameo) and Owl City are also included. As a long-time Disney fan, I was pleased to see that they were able to come up with a movie as innovative and heartwarming (without being too sappy) as Wreck-It Ralph is without the help of Pixar.

I think the message of Wreck-It Ralph is an inspiring one—recognize that there is nothing wrong with the person you are, even when things aren’t going so smoothly. Although that message is one we’ve heard numerous times, it’s not so easy to accept when you feel small and nerdy and you sit next to the girl in class who always has all the right answers and wears all the right clothes. I think this is something that I have struggled with for a long time. No matter how many awards I win, how many A’s I get in school, or how many achievements I have, I always forget about all of them the minute I look in the mirror and see a brand-new pimple on my chin or step on the scale and discover that I’ve gained an extra pound.

Wreck-It Ralph goes to therapy with other game villains and they echo their mantra over and over again: “I am bad, and that’s good, I will never be good and that’s not bad, there’s no one I’d rather be than me.” Ralph fails to see the truth in this rather confusing motto , and nevertheless tries to abandon his identity anyway. At the end of the movie, he finally realizes that even though he is a bad guy in the game, the game needs a bad guy to survive. Without him, Fix-It Felix has nothing to fix. He realizes that his role is integral to the community, and there are several perks to being the villain.

Although in real life, none of us wants to be a “bad guy”, I think the ultimate truth we derive from the “bad guy” mantra is that we will never be able to change who we are, and we should accept that that’s good. When you try to assume someone else’s identity and forget about your own, bad consequences occur and you end up being unhappier than you were when you started.

Wreck-It Ralph lives in a video game and I live my life out in the real world. Sometimes it’s a lot more difficult to accept who you are. Depressing thoughts and extreme sadness come much more easily than mere dissatisfaction at being a villain. Everyone wants to be loved, praised, and admired, but we have to realize that the most important praise comes from yourself.

周末我去看了迪斯尼最新推出的动画片《无敌破坏王》,由著名演员约翰•C. 赖利和简•林奇以及名嘴萨拉•西尔弗曼配音是本片的一大看点。剧情简单,却引人入胜:破坏王拉尔夫是街机游戏《维修工菲利克斯》中的“反派人物”,但他渴望成为英雄,希望大家都喜欢他。为了变成一个讨人喜欢的好人,他要努力赢得一枚英雄勋章,于是,他去闯荡了一个又一个不同的电子游戏世界,踏上了扭转反派形象的征途。







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1. wreck: 破坏,毁坏。

2. talent: 〈口〉演员,艺人。

3. riveting: 令人目不转睛的,极吸引人的;nonetheless: = nevertheless,仍然,不过;arcade game: 街机游戏,是在一种置于公共娱乐场所的经营性专用游戏机上运行的游戏,也称大型电玩。其中,arcade是指“(设有许多电动游乐器材的)游乐中心”;long to: 渴望,热望。

4. fed up: 极其厌倦的;penthouse: 屋顶房间,顶楼。

5. “Pac-Man”: 《吃豆人》被认为是电子游戏历史上最经典的街机游戏之一,最早由日本的南梦宫公司(Namco)于1980年推出;“Sonic”: 《索尼克》是一款极受欢迎的电子游戏系列,以竞速为主,自1991年初发售以来一直长盛不衰,索尼克也成为了世界上最具知名度的刺猬;enthrall: 迷住,使着迷。

6. Skrillex: 美国著名电子音乐人、红遍全球的超级DJ,原名Sonny John Moore,他曾在2012年的格莱美颁奖礼上一举获得两项大奖;cameo: (由并非主角的大明星)客串演出的场面;Owl City: 猫头鹰之城乐队,是一支来自美国明尼苏达州的电子音乐乐队。

7. sappy: 〈美口〉愚蠢的,傻的;Pixar: 皮克斯动画工作室,于1986年正式成立,是一家对动画电影历史影响最深远的公司之一。皮克斯于2006年被迪斯尼收购,成为其子公司。

8. nerdy: 〈俚〉乏味落伍的。

9. mantra: 符咒,咒语。

10. motto: 座右铭,箴言。

11. integral: 构成整体所必需的,不可或缺的;perk: 特殊待遇,额外福利。



















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