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不景气 slump (衰退 recession)

二板市场 the second board market

中国创业板 China Growth Enterprise Market

首次上市 IPOs (initial public offering)

市场资本总额 market capitalization

法人股 institutional shares

内部股(非上市招股) private company shares

牛市 bull market

法律风险 legal risk

风险管理 risk management

坚持严格的贷款标准 maintain strong underwriting standards

六大风险 risks in 6 key areas (U.S. Federal Reserve criterion)

信用风险 credit risk

供给学派 supply-side economist

第一产业(农业) agriculture (primary industry)

第二产业(工业) manufacturing industry (secondary industry)

第三产业(服务业) service industry (tertiary industry)

主要经济指标 major economic indicators

国内生产总值 GDP gross domestic product (商品和劳务币值总和,不包括海外收入支出)

国民生产总值 GNP gross national product(商品和劳务币值总和,包括海外收入支出)

人均国内生产总值 GDP per capita

宏观经济 macro economy

互助基金 mutual fund

扩大内需 expand domestic demand

改善居民心理预期 inspire the general public's confidence in the future needs

鼓励增加即期消费 encourage more immediate consumption

长期国债 long-term treasury bonds

支付国债利息 to service treasury bonds

财政赤字和债务 deficits and the national debt

按原口径计算 calculate on the base line

按不变价格计算 calculate at constant price

按可比价格计算 calculate at comparable price

列入财政预算支出 listed in the fiscal budget

结售汇制度 the system of exchange, settlement and sales

经常项目顺差 favorable balance of current account, surplus of current account

开办人民币业务 engage in Renminbi (RMB) business

出口退税制度 the system of refunding taxes on exported goods

保证金台帐制度 Deposit account system for processing trade

分期付款 pay by installment

保值储蓄 inflation-proof bank savings

抵押贷款 collateralised loans

住房抵押贷款 residential mortgage loan

货币主义者 monetarist

计划经济 planned economy

指令性计划 mandatory plan

技术密集型 technology intensive

大规模生产 mass production

经济林 cash tree

跟踪审计 follow-up auditing

流动性风险 liquidity risk

操作风险 operational risk

内部审计 internal audit

抛售 bear sales

配套政策 supporting policies

中国人民银行(中央银行)The People's Bank of China(central bank)

四大国有商业银行 4 major State-owned commercial banks

中国银行 Bank of china

中国工商银行 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

中国建设银行 Construction Bank of China

中国农业银行 Agricultural Bank of China

招商银行 China Merchants Bank

疲软股票 soft stock

配股 allotment of shares

实际增长率 growth rate in real terms

年均增长率 average growth rate per annum

投资回报率 rate of return on investment

外贸进出口总额 total foreign trade value

实际利用外资 incoming overseas capital (investment) in place

消费价格指数 consumer price index (CPI)

零售价格指数 retail price index (RPI)

生活费用价格总指数 total price index of living cost

生活费用 income available for living expenses

扣除物价因素 in real terms / on inflation-adjusted basis

居民储蓄存款 residents' bank savings deposit

恩格尔系数(食品开支占总支出的比例) Engel coefficient

基尼系数(衡量地区差别) Gini coefficient

购买力平价法 purchasing power parity (PPP) (衡量使用不同货币的两个国家或地区的经济水平、收入水平的一种计算法,用相等的汇率比较两种货币各自的国内购买力)

片面追求发展速度 excessive pursuit of growth

泡沫经济 bubble economy

经济过热 overheating of economy

通货膨胀 inflation

实体经济 the real economy

经济规律 laws of economics

市场调节 market regulation

优化资源配置 optimize allocation of resources

规模经营优势 advantage of economies of scale

劳动密集型 labor intensive

市场风险 market risk

收紧银根 tighten up monetary policy

适度从紧的财政政策 moderately tight fiscal policy

信用紧缩 credit crunch

加强国有商业银行内部资金调度 In state commercial banks, internal capital allocation should be improved.

合理划分贷款审批权限 Limits of authority for examining and approving loans should be rationally defined.

保证有市场、有效益、守信用企业的流动资金贷款 ensure floating capital loans for well-performing and trustworthy enterprises which turn out the right products for the right markets

启动民间投资 attract investment from the private sector

适销对路的产品 the right products / readily marketable products

国有企业 State-owned enterprises (SOEs)

集体企业 collectively-owned (partnership) enterprises

私营企业 private businesses

民营企业 privately-run businesses

中小企业 small-and-medium-sized enterprises

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