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'Love You Found Me' offers something for everyone

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'Love You Found Me' offers something for everyone

Meet the so-called "Babyface of Smooth Jazz," guitarist, singer and songwriter Paul Brown, whose tireless work as a producer opened the door to his acclaimed solo career. Paul's latest recording features some of his closest friends and


Paul Brown's "Love You Found Me" offers something for everyone: jazz, rock, folk, and blues. Paul describes the collection as a reflection of his musical influences, adding, it's his "best yet."

Paul's earliest influences ranged from the music of composers Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart to guitarist Wes Montgomery and singer Van Morrison. Later on, he discovered The Beatles, Peter Gabriel, and The Grateful Dead.

As tempting as it was to pursue rock and roll, Paul preferred to work behind the scenes and soon became one of Hollywood's most sought after jazz producers. A few of the many artists he's produced over the years appear on his new album, including saxophonist Richard Elliot.

From "Love You Found Me", Paul Brown and Richard Elliot team up on "Strollin". Paul is also paired with saxophonists Jessy J and Euge Groove, fellow guitarist Marc Antoine, keyboardist Phillipe Saisse and trumpeter Greg Adams.

For the past decade, he has worked on and off with Grammy-winning vocalist Al Jarreau, producing his Top Five albums, "Tomorrow Today" and "All I Got." Al Jarreau returns the favor by singing on the track "Shine Shoes."

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