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The Other Woman《另一个女人》精讲之二

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Marilyn: Happy holidays.

Emilia: Thanks. You too. Nice party.

Marilyn: So far. I'm keeping my eye on the paralegals and the open bar.

Carolyn: Oh, Marilyn, there you are.

Marilyn: Carolyn, happy holidays.

Carolyn: Oh, I have something for you in the den. It's marked. You'll see it. So before you go.

Marilyn: Thank you, Carolyn.

Carolyn: Hello, I'm Carolyn Soule, Jack Woolf's wife.

Marilyn: This is Emilia Greenleaf. She's new.

Emilia: Well, September. Thanks so much for inviting me here.

Carolyn: Oh, well, of course.

Emilia: Marilyn and Carolyn.

Carolyn: That's very good. Well, enjoy yourself.

Emilia: My friend wanted you to be her doctor, but you were all booked. She says you're the best.

Carolyn: Oh, isn't that sweet? I wish it were true.

Emilia: Well, according to the internet.

Marilyn: Well, don't let us keep you, Carolyn.

Carolyn: Yes, don't forget- before you leave.

Marilyn: Thank you, Carolyn. We put in an appearance. I'm heading downtown. You want to share a cab?

Emilia: It's only 10:00.

Marilyn: Well, you know, usually the new people and the support staff leave these things early. Adult swim, so to speak.

Emilia: Well, I'm an associate, so I guess I'm gonna dive in.

Marilyn: Your tickets and itinerary.

Emilia: What?

Marilyn: Check your email. You're flying to Oakland tomorrow. Discovery production on the Jasper case.

Marilyn: But that's not my case.

Marilyn: It's Jack's. You don't want to go? Talk to him. He's business. You're coach. Policy.

Emilia: Wait, a partner's doing document production?

Marilyn: Exactly. For the plane.

Emilia: So beautiful downtown Oakland, huh? Because of my dad, probably. He didn't make me, but as a judge's daughter, I guess you get to either be a lawyer or a criminal. Pia, my half-sister, is a lawyer too. Common cause.

Jack: Your father was married before?

Emilia: Yeah, then my mother, his secretary. They're divorced now too. But they're friendly enough. I mean, you know, with the grandkids and everything.

Jack: Was that hard for you?

Emilia: I was 22, so, you know...but they're much better off apart. Better for my mother anyway. She gave up everything for him. The good wife.

Jack: Wives were a great thing. Everyone needs one. My wife more than me, maybe. I don't need a wife.

Emilia: I don't even want to get married. I'm practically a guy.

Jack: It doesn't show.

Emilia: This is me. Where are you?

Jack: I'm on the spa level.

Emilia: But that's we passed that on the way up.

Jack: I know. I don't think I can do anything else right now. Is that okay?

Emilia: As long as you don't say that you're married, and you've never done this before, and you're afraid of hurting your wife.

Jack: I'm married. And I've never done this before. And I am afraid of hurting my wife.

Emilia: Who doesn't understand you.

Jack: Good night, Emilia.

Emilia: Good night.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. paralegal: 律师助理

2. open bar:(美语)婚礼、招待会等的免费酒柜

3. den: 休息室,书房,也可以指窝点(尤指为非法或邪恶活动秘密聚会处)

例如:There is no den in the wide world to hide a rogue.(恶棍没有藏身之地。)

4. put in an appearance: 露面;到场一会儿。玛丽莲在这里的意思是“我们都露过面了,该走了”。

5. Adult swim: 美国成人动漫频道

6. so to speak: 可以说;可谓

例如:He is, so to speak, a hardworking student.(他可以说是个用功的学生。)

7. associate: 合伙人,同事,伙伴


associate: 普通用词,侧重指在利害关系上密切相关。

companion: 指陪伴他人的人,即同伴或陪伴。

comrade: 指具有共同的事业、利益关系相一致的人。

colleague: 一般用于对同事的正式称呼,基本上专用在职业关系上。

fellow: 多用复数形式,指一起住、生活或同行共事的人。

partner: 指事业中处于合伙关系的人,或指婚姻、游戏、跳舞中的另一方。

8. itinerary: 行程;旅行日程

9. half-sister: 同父异母或同母异父的姐妹

10.It doesn't show: 没看出来。



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