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The Other Woman《另一个女人》精讲之三

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Jack: It's crazy.

Emilia: Oh, Will is so sweet. He sounds really smart.

Jack: He is. You know, there's something I've been thinking about.

Emilia: I think we should move in together.

Jack: Emilia-

Emilia: Just hear me out. I love you, and I know you love me too.

Jack: I love you. I do. But I have a family.

Emilia: You have a son, Jack. You don't have a marriage. You've said that a lot.

Jack: Okay, fine, I have a son. That's more than a marriage. And he's not the happiest kid. He's not unhappy. He just- he's lonely. It's bad when your kid is lonely. I mean, I used to think we should have had more for Will, mainly. But Carolyn- anyway, we- I'm glad we didn't. Screwing up one child is enough for a lifetime. I'm done. What? Emilia.

Emilia: I'm on the pill. I don't understand. Look, don't- don't worry about it, okay? It's early. It's, like, eight weeks or something, so it won't be a problem.

Jack: No.

Nono: To Emilia and Jack. May their marriage be long and fruitful.

Emilia: Well, fruitful we can do. I'm so glad you came. Thank you. It's so soon.

Mindy: No, it's good for me to get out of the house. And I'm so happy that you're expecting. Don't think I'm envious, honestly.

Emilia: This is gonna be you before you know it.

Mindy: I know. We're already trying, so-

Emilia: Wow, that's so quick. That's great.

Simon: How long have your father and Jack known each other?

Emilia: Oh, we all had dinner together last month just before the divorce came through. But they got along right away. They have private jokes already.

Simon: Hmm, well, they'rea day away from wearing each other's clothes just for fun.

Mindy: Well, we all end up marrying our fathers, don't we?

Simon: Yes, I only fuck men in shorts and black socks who make me join Little League. It's weird.

Emilia: Jack and my dad couldn't be more different. Jack's so principled.

Simon: Have you met the kid yet?

Emilia: Saturday. But from Jack's stories, I get the feeling he's a little high-maintenance.

Mindy: Whatever. That's the one you want to please if you want this to work out.

Emilia: Jack. Hi, guys.

Jack: Hi. Will, this is Emilia.

William: Pleased to meet you.

Emilia: Pleased to meet you too. This is for you. I got it at the Museum of Natural History next door. That's why I was late. Your dad told me it's your favorite place.

William: There's no evidence that theropods were orange. Plus, I'm eight.

Emilia: Well, I guess it's not very realistic, huh? But there's also a book in there about Central Park, which is my favorite place since I was about your age.

William: Anyway, thank you.

Jack: You know, there's a show at 10:30. We should go.

Marriage witness: You may kiss the bride.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. hear out: 听完,just hear me out就是“听我说完”

2. screw up: 搞糟,搅乱,杰克在这里是说“这辈子毁掉一个孩子已经够我受得了”。

screw up your courage则表示“鼓起勇气”

3. fruitful: 多子多福

也可以表示“多产的”,比如:He is really a fruitful novelist.(他真是一位多产的小说家。)

4. private joke: 只有小圈子里的人才听得懂的笑话,私人间的笑话

5. Little League: 少年棒球联合会

6. high-maintenance: 很难伺候,要求高。艾米莉的意思是“我觉得这小家伙儿调教起来会比较费劲儿。”

7. theropod: 兽脚类的肉食恐龙(属侏罗纪与白垩纪,前肢短小)

8. plus: 此外;况且

例如:Plus, even dress down days have their unwritten rules.(况且即使是着装轻松的日子仍有其不成文的规定。)



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