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Thousands create massive art scroll in Los Angeles

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Nearly 3,000 people showed off their skills as artists in Los Angeles on Sunday, creating a panoramic scroll one kilometer long. The event was called The Big Draw. It was one of 60 art events taking place around the city this month.

Some were aspiring artists - teenage students of Ryman Arts, a non-profit arts program that offers free weekend classes. Others were out for a day in the park and were asked to join in. The scroll stretched through a rose garden that links several Los Angeles museums.

Diane Brigham, of Ryman Arts, says the event shows that everyone can contribute to the arts.

"And that's really part of what we're trying to say with The Big Draw LA, is that whether you think you can draw, like our teens, or you think you can't, there's a place for you in making art," said Brigham.

Students hope to draw on this scroll what they see around them.

Emily Oetzell was sketching rose bushes. "What we're hoping for is, if you draw what's in front of you, by the time it's done and we hook everything up together, it's going be like a long view, as if you're walking by".

The project brings aspiring artists and others together to work on the same picture. Art student Claire Astrow says that's why it's exciting.

"We were all participating in doing these vines and everything, and I felt like we were just one big artist. There were so many of us, but we were all participating and doing our own thing. It's really cool," said Astrow.

Sophia Zarders loves to share her love of art with other people. "Drawing is my passion, so this event is really awesome and amazing," she said.

Kerry Zarders is Sophia's mom. "I just think that community events are so important and I believe that art is so important. And you put the two of them together, it just makes my heart happy".

The Big Draw began in Britain 11 years ago. This is the event's second year in Los Angeles. These young artists say they'll be back for The Big Draw for the third time next year.

panoramic: 全景的

scroll: 画卷

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