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Hachi:A Dog's Tale《忠犬八公的故事》精讲之一

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Parker: Hey, buddy. Are you lost? Come here. You got lost here, bud? Someone must be looking for you. This guy was wandering around.

Carl: Really? Out on the platform?

Parker: On the platform, yeah.

Carl: Well, good for you for finding him.

Parker: Yeah. Well, I'll tell you what. This crate was out there. It was broken. I don't know what's going on, but anyhow, someone's gonna be here for him', so if you'll just hold him here.... You just hold him till they come.

Carl: No, I can't. I can't do that, professor.

Parker: Well, he was out there. No one's gonna leave this dog.

Carl: No, I know that. I know no one's gonna leave it. They'll be back for it. So you take him with you. And when anyone shows up I'll tell them that you have him.

Parker: Someone's gonna be here. They're gonna come for him.

Carl: No, you don't understand I'm gonna have to put this in here for like the whole night if nobody comes. If they're not here... I'll lock him in here and he'll be safe for the night but all I can do is take him to the pound in the morning.

Parker: Good thing it's Friday. We'll find out where you're headed and until then you can stay with me. All right. Sit right here. Sit right here. Okay, yeah. Okay. Okay. Stay, stay. Chew on those, it's okay. Stay.

Wife: Hello, handsome.

Parker: Hi.

Wife: Hi. How'd it go?

Parker: It was great.

Wife: Good. You miss me?

Parker: Not a bit. You?

Wife: No. Didn't think about you once. I have a little surprise.

Parker: Yeah, well...I have a little surprise for you, too.

Wife: Come on. We have some catching up to do.

Parker: Yeah. Catching up. I can't wait to catch up.

Wife: Did you hear something?

Parker: That was a branch against the window. I ran into this interesting situation at the station tonight.

Wife: Why don't you tell me about it in the morning? How does that sound?

Parker: It's okay, okay, okay, it's all right.

Wife: Parker! We had an agreement.

Parker: I know, I know

Wife: Or did you forget?

Parker: No, I didn't forget. No, it was-- He was at the train station just kind of lost. Carl was gonna send him to the pound tomorrow I thought....

Wife: You just thought you'd bring him home and talk me into keeping him? Right?

Parker: I don't wanna keep him, I don't. Tomorrow morning I'm getting up and I'll find out exactly where he belongs, okay? I promise you, I will do that. All right. This was Luke's stuff. Okay, here you go. In there.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. buddy: 伙计

2. wander around: 徘徊,游荡,转来转去

They had wandered around town for a hour.(他们在镇子里转来转去,足有一个小时。)

3. crate: 条板箱,柳条箱

4. show up: 出席,露面

Uncle George didn't show up for our wedding because he forgot.(我们的婚礼,乔治叔叔没有来,因为他忘了。)

show up也可以指揭露,暴露

I intend to show up this liar.(我打算揭发这个说谎者。)

5. pound: 动物收容所,走失动物认领栏

6. Not a bit: 一点也不

not care a bit就是指“毫不在意”

7. branch: 树枝。这里的意思是,有声音是因为树枝敲打窗户。

8. talk into: 说服,劝说某人做某事

talk out of则是指“说服(某人)放弃

talk into还可以指(通过谈话)取得,进入。例如:

He has talked himself into a position where he will have no option but to go.(他通过耍嘴皮子得到了一个职位,现在他只能硬着头皮去了。)



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