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Waiting for forever《等到永远》精讲之一

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Joe: I'm gonna be frank with you. This is such an easy to operate oven that I let my son operate it.

Joe's wife: Joe, this is fantastic!

Joe: This is a three-year-old...

Joe's wife: I'm so proud of you. I mean, it's been long enough.

Joe: Hold on to this for a second. My wife needs me right now. I keep my family in the store. I'll be right back. I'll be right with you.

Joe's wife:I'm really proud of you.

Joe: What is it?

Joe's wife: He said he's gonna knock on Emma's door and tell her everything.

Joe: That a boy. When?

Willie: Soon.

Joe: How soon?

Willie: Soon.

Joe: Soon. Okay. But how soon, Will?

Willie: Today or tomorrow.

Joe: Listen, Will.

Willie: Let's listen to Daddy.

Joe: I want you to look at me in the eyes, and I want you to give me your word of honor... that today, or tomorrow, you're gonna go to Emma's house and you're gonna knock on her door... and you are finally gonna get this asinine bull honky over with. Okay?

Willie: Gabe... I'm gonna tell Emma everything. Okay? I'm gonna tell her that I love her. Yeah? That I've always loved her. That in my dreams... I breathe her in... I inhale her, and I feel her right here. Here. Here. In the blood in my heart. Here. Blood. Heart.

Joe: Okay. Hold on. Just wait a second, Will.

Wilie: What?

Joe: In the blood in your heart? That's insane.

Joe's wife: In his blood. It's very nice. You know, what's wrong with you? Let him go on.

Customer: I'm sorry, sir, but I am just not used to being ignored. Now...

Joe: I'm really sorry. Uh, actually, let me ask you a question. I see you've got your lovely husband here, and he's being very patient. What would you say if he came to you one day, and...he told you that in his dreams he sucks you into his lungs, and at that point you go into his bloodstream? And you're actually... physically you are inside of his blood, inside of his heart... the chambers and valves and such. How would that make you feel?

Customer: Oh!

Joe: Well, now.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. be frank with: 跟你老实说,坦白跟你讲

例如:I'll be frank with you. (坦白跟你说吧。)

To be very frank, I think you have very little chance of getting the job.(坦白地说,我认为你获得这项工作的机会微乎其微。)

2. for a second: 一会儿,片刻

3. That a boy: 对了,就这样

4. word of honor: 诺言,on one's word of honor就是指以某人的名誉担保

5. inhale: 吸入,吸气,深吸一口气就可以用inhale deeply来表示。

例如:City dwellers inhale foul air.(城市居民吸进污浊的空气。)

6. in the blood: 这里是指心脏中的血液,in the blood还可以用来表示“生来就有的”,例如:Acting runs in their blood. (演戏是他们家族遗传的天分。)

7. insane: 极愚蠢的,荒唐的

例如:It's completely insane to fly in this weather.(只有十足的疯子才会在这种天气飞行。)



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