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The Parent Trap《天生一对》精讲之一

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Hallie: Ah, oh man.

Annie: Oh, here's your...

Hallie: Cuppy.

Annie: Any of your pictures ruined?

Hallie: Only the beautiful Leo DiCaprio.

Annie: Who?

Hallie: You've never heard of Leonardo DiCaprio? How far away is London anyway?

Annie: Well, from here it's 3,OOO miles. But sometimes it seems much further. How far away is your home?

Hallie: Oh, California is way at the other end of the country. Actually, here's a picture of my house.

Annie: Wow! lt's beautiful.

Hallie: Yeah. We built it when l was little. We've got this incredible porch that looks over the entire vineyard. And then--- Who-

Annie: Who's that?

Hallie: Oh, that's my dad. He didn't know l was taking the picture then, or else he would have turned around. He's kinda like my best friend. We do everything together What's the matter?

Annie: Oh, it's chilly in here, that's all.

Hallie: Want one?

Annie: Oh, sure, l love Oreos. At home l eat them with--l eat them with peanut butter.

Hallie: You do? That is so weird. So do l.

Annie: You're kidding. Most people find that totally disgusting.

Hallie: l know. l don't get it.

Annie: Me either.

Hallie: What's your dad like? l mean, is he the kind of father you can talk to or is he one of those workaholic types who says, l'll talk to ya later, honey, but, you know, never really does? l hate that.

Annie: l don't have a father, actually. l mean, l had one once, l suppose. But my parents divorced years ago. My mother never even mentions him. lt's like he evaporated into thin air or something.

Hallie: lt's scary the way nobody stays together anymore.

Annie: Tell me about it.

Hallie: How old are you?

Annie: l'll be 12 on October 11.

Hallie: So will l.

Annie: Your birthday's on October 11?

Hallie: Yeah.

Annie: How weird is that?

Hallie: Extremely. Oh, hey. lt stopped raining. You wanna go get a Popsicle or something? What's the matter?

Annie: Hallie, what's your mother like?

Hallie: l never met her. She and my dad split up when l was a baby, maybe even before. l'm not sure. He doesn't like to talk about her. But l know she was really, really beautiful.

Annie: How do you know that?

Hallie: Well, because my dad had this old picture of her hidden in his sock drawer, and he caught me looking at it, like, all the time, so he gave it to me to keep. Look, l'm-l'm really thirsty. Sure you don't want to go to the mess hall and get a lemonade?

Annie: Will you stop thinking about your stomach at a time like this?

Hallie: At a time like what?

Annie: Don't you realize what's happening? l mean, think about it. l only have a mother and you only have a father. You've never seen your mom, and l've never seen my dad. You have one old picture of your mom, and l have one old picture of my dad. But at least yours is probably a whole picture. Mine is a pathetic little thing, all crinkled and ripped right down the middle and-- What are you rummaging in your trunk for?

Hallie: This. lt's a picture of my mom, and it's ripped too.

Annie: Right down the middle?

Hallie: Right down the middle.

Annie: This is so freaky. Okay. On the count of three, we'll show them to each other, okay?

Hallie: Okay. One Two Three.

Annie: That's my dad.

Hallie: That's my mom.

Annie: That's the lunch bell.

Hallie: l'm not so hungry anymore. So if--if your mom is my mom, and my dad is your dad, and we're both born on October 11, then you and l are like--like sisters.

Annie: Sisters? Hallie, we're like twins.

Hallie: l just don't know what to say.

Annie: What's that you're holding?

Hallie: My locket. l got it when l was born. lt has an H on it.

Annie: l got mine when l was born, too, except mine has an A on it.

Hallie: Ooh, now l've got goose bumps. My God, so l'm not an only child. l'm a twin. l'm a twin--there's two of me. l mean, two of us. This is like--

Annie: Mind boggling

Hallie: Totally.

Annie: Completely.

Hallie: Oh, my God.

Annie: Oh, my God.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. porch: 走廊,门廊

2. vineyard:葡萄园

3. chilly:寒冷的,怕冷的

4. peanut butter:花生酱

5. workaholic:工作狂,专心工作的人

6. into thin air:人间蒸发,无影无踪

7. mess hall:食堂,餐厅

8. lemonade:柠檬水

9. pathetic:可怜的

10.rummage: 翻找,仔细搜查

11.goose bumps:鸡皮疙瘩



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