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Before Sunrise《爱在黎明破晓时》精讲之四

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本片段剧情: 傍晚时分,杰西和塞琳娜喝咖啡聊天时,遇到了一个看手相的女人。塞琳娜似乎被她说中了心事,她看出塞琳娜正在旅行,而且之前并不认识对面坐着的杰西。但杰西完全不相信这些。

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Celine: Look at this palm reader. She's interesting looking.

Jesse: Yeah.

Celine: Uh-oh. Uh-oh.

Jesse: What?

Celine: I made eye contact.

Jesse: She's not coming over here.

Celine: Yes, she is.

Jesse: Oh, shit.

Celine: Oh, no. You want your palm read?

Jesse: No.

Celine: Are you sure?

Jesse: I'm sure.

Celine: Okay.

Palm reader: Hello.

Celine: Oh, here she is.

Plam reader: I want your palm read.

Celine: Yeah. How much is it?

Palm reader: For you, 50. Okay?

Celine: Okay.

Palm reader: So you have been on a journey and you're a stranger to this place. You are ­an adventurer. A seeker. An adventurer in your mind. You are interested in the power of the woman. In the woman's deep strength and creativity. You're becoming this woman. You need to resign yourself to the awkwardness of life. Only if you find peace within yourself ­will you find true connection with others. That is a stranger to you?

Celine: I guess so.

Palm reader: You will be all right. He's learning. Okay. Money. You're both stars. Don't forget. When the stars exploded billions of years ago they formed everything that is this world. Everything we know is stardust. So don't forget, you are stardust.

Jesse: That's very nice and all. I mean, that we're all stardust and you're becoming this great woman. But I hope you don't take that any more seriously than some horoscope in a newspaper.

Celine: What? She knew I was on vacation and that we didn't know each other and that I was going to become this great woman.

Jesse: But what was that 'l am learning' bullshit? That's way condescending, you know? I mean, she wasn't even doing me. I mean, if opportunists like that ever had to tell the real truth, ­it would put them out of business. Just once, I'd love to see some little old lady save up all her money to go to the fortuneteller. She'd get there and the woman would say, Tomorrow and all your remaining days ­will be exactly like today ­a tedious collection of hours. And you will have no new passions and no new thoughts and no new travels. And when you die, you'll be completely forgotten. Fifty schillings, please. That I'd like to see.

Celine: It's so funny how,she almost didn't notice you. It's weird. I wonder why. She was really wise and intense. I really loved what she said.

Jesse: You pay your money to hear what makes you feel good about yourself. Maybe there's a seedy section of vienna. We can buy a hit of crack. Would you like that?

Celine: You're so...

Jesse: Stardust. Stardust.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. palm reader: 看手相的人,算命师

2. eye contact: 目光接触,眼神交会

3. I guess so: 我想是吧,我猜也是。

4. stardust:星团,星尘


Finally, I thanked her simply for having sprinkled my life with stardust.(最后,我感谢她,因为她在我的生命中撒下美妙的遐想。)

5. horoscope: 星占;星象;星座

6. condescend: 屈尊,俯就;故意表示和蔼可亲

She did not condescend to have dinner with him.(她投有屈尊与他共餐。)

7. out of business: 失业;破产;<美俚>损坏;受伤

Be careful in management, otherwise you will soon be put out of business.(注意你的经营之道,否则你很快会破产。)

8. fortuneteller: 算命者,占卜者

If I know that, I'd be a fortuneteller.(我要知道,我就是先知了。)

9. tedious:单调沉闷的;冗长乏味的;令人生厌的

It was painful to listen to his tedious speech.(他冗长乏味的讲话真令人痛苦。)

10.schilling: 先令

11.intense: 热情的,热切的,激动的

I know he's an intense player, but he does enjoy what he's doing.(我知道他是个拼命三郎,但他确实喜欢自己所做的事。)



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