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《唐顿庄园》精讲二 棋逢对手

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本集剧情:继承人Matthew Crawley 和他的母亲Isobel Crawley来到唐顿庄园。同时,老伯爵遗孀,伯爵夫人也还未放弃Mary继承的希望。作为一名中产阶级律师,Matthew受到了庄园内上上下下很多人的偏见,尤其是Mary。母亲Isobel Crawley则坚持在领地内的医院工作,并成功救助了一名重病的农夫。管家Carson的旧交前来勒索他,不过后来事情顺利解决。

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Isobel: I'm so interested to see the hospital.

Violet: Ooh. Well, you would be, with your late husband a doctor.

Isobel: Not just my husband. My father and brother, too. And I trained as a nurse during the war.

Cora: Oh, fancy.

Isobel: I'd love to be involved in some way.

Violet: Well, you could always help with the bring-and-buy sale next month. That would be most appreciated.

Thomas: She's a match for the old lady, she wasn't going to give in.

Carson: What old lady are you referring to, Thomas? You cannot mean her ladyship, the Dowager Countess. Not if you wish to remain in this house.

Thomas: No, Mr Carson.

Carson: William! Are you aware the seam at your shoulder is coming apart?

William: I felt it go a bit earlier on. I'll mend it when we turn in.

Carson: You will mend it now and you will never again appear in public in a similar state of undress.

William: No, Mr Carson.

Carson: To progress in your chosen career, William, you must remember that a good servant, at all times, retains a sense of pride and dignity that reflects the pride and dignity of the family he serves. And never make me remind you of it again.

Daisy: I'll do it. And cheer up, we've all had a smack from Mr Carson.

Anna: You'll be the butler yourself one day, then you'll do the smacking.

William: I could never be like him. I bet he comes from a line of butlers that goes back to the Conqueror.

Bates: He learned his business and so will you. Even Mr Carson wasn't born standing to attention. I hope not for his mother's sake.

I'd love to be involved in some way: 我非常愿意参与其中

bring-and-buy sale
: 义卖会

She's a match for the old lady: 她和老太太真是棋逢对手。

Dowager Countess: 伯爵遗孀

turn in: 上床睡觉

in a similar state of undress
: 衣衫不整

And never make me remind you of it again: 只此一次下不为例。

butler: 男管家;仆役长


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