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《唐顿庄园》精讲三 美好灰飞烟灭

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Branksome子爵继承人Evelyn Napier和他英俊的朋友土耳其大使馆随员Kemal Pamuk到访。Mary被Pamuk英俊的外表所吸引。夜晚Pamuk悄悄潜入Mary的房间,两人欢好之时,Pamuk因心梗而猝死。为了挽回自己的名声并避免不必要的影响,Mary,伯爵夫人和女仆Anna将Pamuk运回了客房,但却被Daisy看到。Pamuk的死让Mary深受打击,也为日后埋下隐患。为了和大姐作对,二女儿Edith带领Matthew参观教堂并试图勾引他。Gwen在学习打字和速记,希望以后能成为一名秘书。此举遭到了庄园内很多人的鄙视,但是三小姐Sybil却非常支持她。

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Mary: Are you looking for something?

Carson: Lady Mary? I just wanted to make sure the room had been tidied up after the...after the people had left.

Mary: Life can be terribly unfair, can't it?

Carson: It certainly can.

Mary: Everything seems so golden one minute, then turns to ashes the next. Can I ask you a question, Carson? Have you ever felt your life was somehow slipping away and there was nothing you could do to stop it?

Carson: I think everyone feels that at one time or another.

Mary: The odd thing is I feel, for the first time, really, I understand what it is to be happy. It's just I know that I won't be.

Carson: Oh, don't say that, My Lady. Don't raise the white flag quite yet. You'll still be mistress of Downton. Old Lady Grantham hasn't given up the fight, not by a long chalk.

Mary: Oh, that...I wasn't even thinking about that.

Carson: And if I may say so, My Lady, you're still very young.

Mary: Am I? I don't feel it.

Carson: We're all behind you, My Lady. The staff. We're all on your side.

Mary: Thank you, Carson. You've always been so kind to me. Always. From when I was quite a little girl. Why is that?

Carson: Even a butler has his favourites, My Lady.

Mary: Does he? I'm glad.

Anna: Lady Mary. Oh, My Lady, I thought...

Mary: Carson and I were just making sure that everything was ship-shape and Bristol fashion. And it is.


at one time or another: 曾经,早晚

raise the white flag: 投降,放弃。这里Carson的意思是:别轻言放弃。

not by a long chalk: (英国口语)绝不,相当于not at all, not by any means


ship-shape: 有条不紊;井井有条的

Bristol fashion: 井然有序

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