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THE WEEK Nov 8: Printing the future in 3D

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Printing the future in 3D

Three-dimensional printing technology has the potential to change the world. The printers allow users to create or download an image of an object and then print the object layer-by-layer. As the technology develops, the ability to manufacture anything anywhere may lead to bringing medical supplies to under developed countries. But there are also dangers. Many people are using the machines to print guns. Find out how the technology is impacting society today.

Bieber bakes in brothel ballyhoo

Justin Bieber was spotted leaving a brothel in Brazil while in the Latin American country on tour. According to reports, the badly behaved pop star spent three hours inside the brothel with a friend before being hastily snuck out under a bed sheet. His antics apparently didn't stop there, as fans claimed he showed up late to a meet-and-greet for which tickets cost more than $1,000. After arriving late to the stage for his performance later that night, one fan decided to get retribution in a way that we've seen the teen heartthrob attacked before.

Rubber duck sinks in Taiwan

The beloved huge rubber duck that has been visiting cities in Asia had an untimely death ins Taiwan. An earthquake made the duck deflate to a large crowd's dismay. When workers attempted to inflate the duck once again, its rear end reportedly burst!

This wacky world!

More than 800 nude swimmers gathered in Florida in an attempt to break the world record for the largest group skinny dip. Organizers said they are preparing high-quality video and color photos for the judges.

Residents of a Shanghai neighborhood near the Pudong International Airport are complaining of poop falling from the sky. Nobody knows who is dropping the deuces.

A 20-pound fish campaigning for public office in the state of Michigan is making a splash in the polls, as many voters are writing it into the ballot. Oh, the joys of American democracy.

A Russian teenager auctioned off her virginity on a website for $27,000. And a man in the US is selling his testicle for $35,000. We're not sure which is the better deal.

Buzz word

Rubber duck -- A yellow toy shaped like a duck, often used as a bathtub toy.

1. A giant rubber duck has become popular in Asia as it sails between cities to the delight of thousands.

2. Bert and Ernie, characters from the popular show Sesame Street, often sang about their favorite bath time toy, a rubber duck.

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