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THE WEEK Dec 27: Best of 2013

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Merry belated Christmas and a happy new year from China Daily’s The Week crew. This week instead of the regular show, we’ll be rounding up our top 10 viral video picks of the year, a look back at 2013 through Internet videos.

What does my girl say

“What does my girl say” by Saturday Night Live’s Jay Pharoh starring actress Kerry Washington pokes fun at the popular online video “What does the Fox Say”.

Kai, the hatchet wielding hitchhiker

Before Caleb Lawrence McGillvary was charged with murder, he gained internet notoriety as the hatchet-wielding hitchhiker known as “Kai”. McGillvary was interviewed by a local TV station about an incident involving a man driving his car into another man and attacking a woman. Kai was the hero of that story and he current maintains that he isn’t guilty of murder.

Russian dash cams capture meteor

A meteor from space landing on earth is quite a scary sight, but drivers in Russia captured this amazing event on video. Russian drivers are known for using dashboard mounted cameras in their cars as a form of insurance plan in the event a mishap occurs on the road.

Harlem shake

Earlier this year, a dance sensation known as the Harlem Shake was born. Basically an all out odd dance party, a successful Harlem Shake involves people dancing weirdly to the song Harlem Shake by Baauer.

Epic split

To promote the directional stability for the new Volvo Dynamic Steering, action super star Jean Claude Van Dam pulls off a stunt that almost looks too good to be real. Van dam pulls off a split between two reversing Volvo trucks, a stunt only the Muscles from Brussels could pull off.

Canned air!

China’s air pollution problem is a serious one, one that has made the headlines all across the world, and like any real entrepreneur Chinese billionaire Chen Guangbiao was looking to cash in on the action. Best known for ostentatiously flaunting his wealth, Chen created China’s first consumer grade air in a can.


After an unsuccessful mugging attempt, the culprit surnamed Zhao was interviewed by the news media. In his own words Zhao said “the robbery was a disappointment.” Not only did Zhao not get any money, security cameras show that he was holding his knife backwards. Lamenting that he didn’t even get a cigarette, Zhao says that he wanted the money to buy “Da Li’, there’s no real idea what Da Li is except that it might be akin to cough syrup.

Chinese food

The follow up to the terribad, to Rebecca Black’s Friday, comes Alison Gold’s Chinese Food. Produced and created by weird Panda suit wearing music producer Patrice Wilson, the video was called culturally insensitive by some and ridiculous by other. Chinese Food if taken by face value is just a really weird song about eating Chinese food and doing some…hugging?

Ridiculous first pitch

Chinese food maybe good but for people looking to keep their figure they should look into gymnastics. Take Korean gymnast Shin Soo-ji for example. Shin showed off the years of her training with an amazing spin throw for the opening pitch at a Doosan Bears versus Samsung Lions game earlier this year.

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